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For questions about plants in works of science fiction and fantasy.

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Searching title of an old sci-fi B movie with carnivorous aquatic plants

I'm looking for the title of an old sci-fi B movie (B/W). It is about a tourist cruise, perhaps an ocean liner, that gets lost in a kind of fog. When the fog clears, they realize that the ship is ...
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SF book with alien planet, whose plant life lacks chlorophyll / is not green and is being outcompeted by Earth plants

Does anyone happen to recall the title or author of a science fiction novel with the following major plot elements? My recollection, not a quote: On an alien planet, whose plants are not green (...
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Manga about a boy with the power to grow plants

The story is about a boy with magical powers related to growing and reviving plants. One day, another boy appears in his home. The stranger is from another world, where there are no plants because ...
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Planet of hostile plants with spores, hero rescues injured co-worker [duplicate]

Another anthology short story I read in the mid 70s-80s. This is set on a planet which is covered with large hostile plants. The air is thick with moulds and spores so humans working there have to ...
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Asian film with plants attacking 3 girls

I happened to find a link to a channel on YouTube in regards to a YouTube video called "Vines Plant Attack 3 Girls." The video has been taken down and there's only seems to be a screenshot ...
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searching for a space opera novel with a planet of monks who controlled a monopoly on functional immortality via plant-based biotech

A space opera novel with a planet whose inhabitants are a group of 'monks' with a quasi-religious monopoly on functional immortality. There's a parasitic/symbiotic plant organism (I don't remember if ...
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Novels with plant based inteligent life forms [closed]

My question is simple, are there any novels with some sort of intelligent plant race? Better if its a spacefarer race. For example I remember one placed in earth right before our sun explodes into a ...
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Do plants on Roshar that move use nervous systems?

In The Way of Kings, many plants, such as grass, retreat into the ground when disturbed for protection form highstorms. Have the books or Brandon said anything about how this works? Do Rosharan plants ...
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