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For questions trying to identify a science fiction or fantasy podcast. Always use in conjunction with the [story-identification] tag.

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Podcast about archival work and going to another world

The first season (or maybe first few seasons?) was about archival work, similar to the early seasons of the Magnus Archives. I remember that tapes or files were talked about, and maybe a castle or ...
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1 answer

Should I know who Prentice/Prentiss is by the time I listen to Magnus Archives episode 6?

I've recently listened to the 6th episode of The Magnus Archives (Squirm), and the narrator mentions Prentice (or Prentiss) in the closing statement. The way it's phrased made me think they'd already ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Story about human-alien sex toys

I am trying to find a story which I think I heard on a podcast sometime in the last ten years or so. The protagonist of the story was the proprietor of a shop which sold advanced sex toys which could ...
5 votes
1 answer

Podcast story about woman wanting to destroy machine distributing emotionally destructive ads

I remember listening to a story, probably on Escape Pod but possibly Lightspeed, about a near future in which ubiquitous machine-generated gendered advertisements, crueler than anything that could be ...
8 votes
3 answers

Sci-fi/horror short story about a disease that took over people’s minds and made their heads explode

The short story was about how a disease, perhaps from a parasitic fungus, took over people’s minds and made them climb telephone poles and trees so when their heads exploded the spores would spread. ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Trying to identify dystopian scifi podcast

I listened to this podcast 2-3 years ago, but in the interim time I stopped listening to podcasts due to lack of time. As I now have more time and am starting to listen to podcasts again I am trying ...
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Trying to identify a sci-fi story I listened to several years ago featuring a far future human that can adjust his body to any alien environment

Several years ago I listened to either a podcast or audiobook of a story about a future human that is stranded on an alien planet. He can adjust his lungs to breath the toxic atmosphere and also ...
5 votes
0 answers

Looking for a politically speculative story about California that I heard adapted on the radio

The story was on a public radio podcast of some kind (maybe studio 360 or To the Best of Our Knowledge). It's set in California in the near future. That state has broken down so that there's more or ...
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I'm looking for a Sci-Fi book with a female protagonist who doesn't wear logos

I'm looking for a near future (I'm pretty sure) Sci Fi book that may have more than one protagonist, but has at least this one female lead. I heard a passage from the book somewhere (possibly a ...
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