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For use on questions about Poe Dameron, a pilot in the Resistance's Starfighter Corps. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag and any relevant work tags.

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When did Poe and BB-8 meet?

I've read a couple comics about Poe's parents in the Rebellion, and they didn't have BB-8 then, so he's not a family droid as far as I can tell. Poe is incredibly close with him, though - do we know ...
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When did Poe run spice?

In The Rise of Skywalker, it's said that Poe was a spice runner at some point in the past. When exactly was this? His parents were both original members of the Rebellion; when did he slip out to ...
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Why was Poe Dameron re-written to survive in The Force Awakens?

The Episode VII crawl sets up POE DAMERON as a key character: Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts…. But ...
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What does the writing on Poe's helmet say?

What does this writing on Poe Dameron's helmet say?
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Did Poe Dameron make custom modifications to his black X-Wing?

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, it is obvious that Poe Dameron is the coolest X-Wing pilot to have ever existed. He an extremely skilled pilot, but I have a head canon that he has ...
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In "The Last Jedi" was it actually Poe's fault that so much of the resistance died? [duplicate]

In The Last Jedi would Holdo's plan have worked if not for Poe's folly? What I'm asking is, did everyone else see it that way? The First Order would not have seen the small transports if DJ didn't ...
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Did Kylo Ren read Poe Dameron's mind?

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is able to successfully retrieve the information from Poe Dameron that he was looking for during interrogation. It at first appears that Kylo's using the force to ...
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Why is Poe Dameron so shocked in the First Order star destroyer hangar?

When Poe Dameron is first taken off the shuttle into the hangar of the First Order ship Finalizer, he stops and looks around with a very shocked expression. Poe knows intimate details of the TIE ...
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Is Poe Dameron Force-Sensitive?

We know from The Force Awakens that Rey is Force-Sensitive, with speculation about what this could mean for her parentage being rife. Some people have also found some evidence which may indicate that ...
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When do we see Poe Dameron on a speeder?

I recently saw this toy in a superstore near where I work. Link to Amazon product. When do we see Poe on a speeder? Is it in a deleted scene? Or is it from one of the novels?
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How did Poe Dameron get the name Black Leader?

In The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron was referred to as Black Leader a couple times during But why that name? Is there anything in the novelization or elsewhere explaining how he got that name?
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