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A creative literary art form that uses brevity, imagery and symbolism to convey ideas and emotions.

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Poem about aliens observing cars on highway?

I read a poem way back in elementary school in the 70's that described the observations of aliens watching cars on a highway and concluding that cars were the inhabitants of earth. They described the &...
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Which poem about a soldier does Honor Harrington epitomize?

I seem to recall that there is a poem referenced in one of the later Honor Harrington books. It is about a soldier, and the poem basically describes Honor to a tee. I looked the poem up years ago ...
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Are the Poems of Rydra Wong in Babel-17 based on the real works of Marilyn Hacker?

In the novel Babel-17 the protagonist Rydra Wong is both a space captain and a poet. I have seen it asserted that Wong's poems are to some extent based on those of Marilyn Hacker. Hacker was married ...
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Poem where the narrator shrinks, smaller and smaller, into nothingness

The poem is about a kid who for some reason is shrinking and is afraid he(?) will disappear. I think it was written in first person but I really don't remember much more about the story than that. ...
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What, if anything, is Eld Vintic Poetry based on?

In the Kingkiller books, Kvothe's friend Simmon studies Eld Vintic poetry. Here's an excerpt: Sought we the Scrivani word-work of Surthur Long-lost in ledger all hope forgotten Yet fast-found for ...
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Find a Cthulhu Mythos quotation from Lin Carter

I have read a few books about fantasy by Lin Carter, and if I remember correctly one of them had a poem by Lin Carter based on the King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. As most of you should know, The ...
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God and the devil make a bet

God and the Devil wager about man's worthiness. Devil has cat's eyes. He chastises God for causing suffering in the first place. It didn't sound like poetry, but it must be one of the few takes on the ...
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Poem: "The Folded and the Quiet" by Henry E. Sostman

In Cities in Flight (1970, p. 542), James Blish quoted two lines from a long, unpublished poem by Henry E. Sostman called "The Folded and the Quiet": I grow not out of salt nor out of soil ...
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What was the epic poem referenced in An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire?

Near the end of An Artificial Night, book three in the October Daye series starring October "Toby" Daye, towards the end of the book, she is a prisoner of Blind Michael and the Wild Hunt. The way ...
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Did Tolkien ever address the translation of poetry in his works?

Background for the Question A common understanding is that translating poetry from one language to another is essentially impossible to accomplish without much compromise. The current Wikipedia ...
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YA trilogy contains poem ending "love conquers all"?

YA Fantasy-Thriller Trilogy from the 90s maybe?? A girl and maybe two friends finds a diary in an old house containing a poem about fire and love and circles and three and at the end of the poem "love ...
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Poem or short story: alien child creates Earth for a science project

This was over ten years ago that I read this poem in a random library book while looking for my next novel to enjoy, so I may have some of the details remembered slightly off or skewed... It's a ...
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Why were the pines roaring?

The following line appears in the second song of the dwarves in The Hobbit: The pines were roaring on the heights I've never been near a forest fire or a pine forest that wasn't on fire, so I'm ...
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Where did the Vampirate shanty originate?

Right from the very beginning, from the prologue of the first book before anything really begins to happen, we know there is a shanty about the Vampirate ship, The Nocturne: I'll tell you a tale of ...
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Poem about a time traveller and an alien fighting as mercenaries with swords

Read this in the 80's in a compilation of military Science Fiction short stories. The author/speaker is a human time traveller who has gone back in time and become a mercenary at a time when swords ...
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Computer answers in poetry

I'm looking for a short story my dad believes he read in Analog sometime in the early/mid 70's. The story involved a computer that when posed questions about military/space travel etc., answers with ...
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Is “Thoughts on a Clock” a real poem?

The poem Thoughts on a Clock, by Eric Ritchie Jr., is mentioned in the episode Time of the Doctor. Does anybody have a link to the entire poem? Was it written especially for the show, or modified to ...
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LEDs sing love poems

I'm trying to track down the source of a quote that's been sitting in my memory for years. It's all rotted away now, but there were two parts to it, something like: "We wrote spells, carved them ...
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Poem or short story: silver cocklebur(r)?

Does anyone know of a short story, or possibly a poem, that involves a silver cockleburr? The story has a fairy tale vibe. I think the protagonist is a young woman. There's somewhere she's not ...
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Trying to identify this post-nuclear bomb poem

I remember reading this poem when I was a kid in the 80's, but it was likely older than that. We had to read it for school. I don't remember much about it, but the poem walks you through a suburban ...
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Science fiction poem that I read in American literature class

I read this poem in 11th grade. It was really difficult to understand. The teacher had us read it in class. It was approximately two pages of verse. It took almost 30 minutes for us, collectively, to ...
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Sci-Fi poem in iambic pentameter about a little person who became normal size within days involving Elvis Presley

OK experts, here goes nothing. On my 14th birthday (just over 33 years ago) I was visiting the school library and I picked up a book of poems. While I do not remember the author (the book was an ...
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