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Use this tags for questions about the science fiction author Poul Anderson.

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Was this idea used in Anderson’s The Man Who Counts based on a real life idea?

In Poul Anderson's The Man Who Counts the heroes create ships made of ice to fight a battle at sea. This is rather similar to a real world project conceived during WWII - Project Habbakuk to create ...
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Trying to identify a novella by Poul Anderson

I read a novella (or novelette—I don't believe it could have been a short story) that I am almost certain was by Poul Anderson. It opened in an airport, flights cancelled by bad weather, with two men ...
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Sci-fi story about aliens with cells based on arsenic or nitrogen, poisoned by oxygen

I'm looking for a science-fiction short story, probably written by either Isaac Asimov or Poul Anderson. (I was binging on short stories collections from these two authors around the same time, 5 to ...
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Poul Anderson short story about sentient dolphin-like race with green blood

I'm looking for the name of a Poul Anderson short story (written prior to 1979). The short story involves a lone space traveler who finds a planet inhabited by a dolphin-like race. He befriends the ...
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Title of Poul Anderson's sequel to Darker Than You Think?

Wikipedia's article on Darker Than You Think, a fantasy novel written in the 1940s by Jack Williamson, about a secret war between mankind and werewolf-like shapeshifters, claims Poul Anderson wrote a ...
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Short story (maybe by Poul Anderson) with technically-innovative pirates trying to overthrow a city on a post-apocalyptic Earth

After some kind of Earth disaster a new civilization starts exploring Earth again in order to look for other cultures. The captain of a ship finds two of them at once: a friendly, civilized and ...
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Possible Poul Anderson story about the development of 2 alien races as affected (or not) by Earth colonialism

Story involves 2 races, in the same or neighboring star systems, who are both contacted by Earth explorers. One race is reptiloid, somewhat primitive and rather prickly, the other is more humanoid, ...
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Poul Anderson short story about a mutant with mental powers in a US splinter republic in the Rockies?

From the 60s, set in a post-apocalyptic US splinter republic centered in the Rockies, main character a young mutant capable of some kind of mental parallel processing, for example solves the turbulent ...
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What anthology story (maybe Poul Anderson) features a perfect battery?

I read a story in a science fiction anthology wherein the major scientific discovery was a perfect battery, which led to numerous advances in communications, transportation, and even social issues, ...
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