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Questions tagged [predestination]

Predestination is a 2014 film focused on the life and works of a time-traveling "temporal agent"

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Does Robertson know who the Fizzle Bomber is?

In the Predestination movie, the true nature of the infamous "Fizzle Bomber" is unknown until the end, at least for John/Jane/Barkeep. But the question is, does Robertson - the boss at the ...
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What is the origin of the name “Fizzle Bomber” in Predestination?

Much of the film Predestination centers around a character called the “Fizzle Bomber”. Why is this character named this way? They may have mentioned it in the film but I cannot recall. I have my own ...
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Who is Robertson?

The first time I watched Predestination I believed that a twist would be that Robertson would also turn out to be the same person as Jane/John. However no clue is given to his identity. The Fizzle ...
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Why does John/Jane in the movie Predestination blame the stranger for ruining his/her life?

John/Jane blames the stranger for ruining her life and would kill him in a heartbeat if possible. Why does she blame him? Is it for having sex with her? That fling did require consent of both of ...
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In Predestination, what is the purpose of the 50 year rule?

I've been able to deconstruct and understand most of the logic within the world of Predestination. However, the one thing that didn't seem to really get explained was the rule that things get weird if ...
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Who was really the "fizzle bomber" in Predestination?

Who was the fizzle bomber, and how? The film indicates that I don't understand.
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Predestination (movie) - predestination or bootstrap paradox? [duplicate]

In the movie Predestination: Is Jane's birth because of a predestination paradox or bootstrap paradox? which one is it?
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Was John/Jane the only time traveler being manipulated by the Agency?

Please help settle an argument between myself and my son. I believe that John/Jane was the only time traveler being manipulated by the Agency, in order that they may not change the future. Nowhere ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Why does the bartender pull John away from Jane?

Having the ability to time travel means that you're not bound to the current time - you can set out to travel later and still get to the same point in time in the future/past. So when the barkeeper ...
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How does the time loop in Predestination get initialized?

In Predestination starring Ethan Hawke, the idea is plain and simple. However, I do find something very hard to digest: How could the loop about Ethan Hawke the time travel agent, could meet himself ...
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Why did The Unmarried Mother have both set of organs in the movie Predestination?

In the movie Predestination, the John's biography explains that "she" was born a women but with two sets of genitals. Eventually, she had an operation that transitioned her into a man, though he still ...
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