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The tag usually refers to questions about predictions that are made in Sci-Fi, whether technological or historical, that have come true or not.

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Which was the first Sci-Fi story to predict obnoxious "robo calls"?

I saw a post on the internet today that said, "None of the sci-fi stories I read as a kid predicted a future where everyone was afraid to answer their phone due to constant calls from robots.&...
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Has been internet predicted by a sci-fi novel? [duplicate]

In the history of sci-fi literature there are examples of technologies predicted in a story (in the sense that a strongly similar to the existent one was present in the tale/novel/book/etc without it ...
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Were 50% meat, 50% something else products ever predicted by sci-fi? [closed]

50% meat, 50% plant-based "meat" products are currently available for purchase. I'm fairly certain that "fake meat" of various forms was predicted by sci-fi before it was ever ...
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What is the name of the Larry Niven story/book predicting Neil Armstrong as first man on moon?

Some eighteen months or so before Apollo 11, Larry Niven wrote a story in which he predicted that Neil Armstrong would be selected by NASA to be the first man on the moon. He also, some years after ...
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Which 2019 technologies were correctly predicted by Blade Runner?

We’re finally in 2019, the year in which Blade Runner — Ridley Scott’s iconic 1982 science fiction film — is set. Which technologies that exist in 2019 (at least as prototypes) were ...
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What sci-fi work introduced handheld wireless communicators?

Star Trek: TOS (1966) showed handheld wireless communicators long before mobile phones came into existence, but was it the first? In 1926, Tesla envisioned mobile phones even better than Star Trek: ...
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Short story predicting online shopping and no one going outside anymore

I remember reading this short story when I was a child in the 1970s. I'm thinking it was in the Houghton Mifflin readers. Story was everyone didn't go out on the streets because of over crowding and ...
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Which 2015 technologies were correctly predicted by Back to the Future II?

This year is not only the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future franchise as a whole, but is also the year in which Back to the Future II is set. Which technologies that exist in 2015 (at least ...
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Short story about an Astronaut who buys an 'automatic' typewriter for daughter

Many years ago, at least 35, I read a story about an astronaut who bought a 'typewriter' for his daughter/niece. From what I remember, he was going to a space station and he bought an automatic ...
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Did Any SF Stories Predict a Televised Moon Landing?

I've read that even with all the SF stories written about the first landing on the Moon, not a single one written before the Apollo missions were planned ever had any hint that the first landing would ...
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The fall of the Communist bloc as seen from the eastern side

It's commonly said that Anglo-Saxon SF writers failed to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite states — quickly, with little violence, and without Western intervention. What was ...
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What novel was the first to mention or predict a personal handheld computer?

Science-fiction writers are often credited with "inventing the future" with some of their ideas. For example, the idea of geostationary satellites is often attributed to Arthur C. Clarke. What novel ...
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Which technology was introduced through "Star Trek" (2009)?

Star Trek has a long history of introducing new technology. TOS & TNG introduced us with new technologies, who got adopted like the communicator as mobile phone. When watching Star Trek (2009) I ...
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Did Arthur C. Clarke really invent the idea of the satellite?

I heard that Arthur C. Clarke was the inventor of the idea of the satellites. If that's true, can you please tell me in where or in what work he presents the idea of satellite?
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