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Questions tagged [props]

For use when asking questions about a specific 'prop' used within a TV or movie set. Always use in conjunction with the work tag.

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Who signed the Captain Picard Day sign?

With the release of the trailers for Star Trek: Picard we have observed what either a flashback, or an in-universe reproduction or preserved artifact of the Captain Picard Day sign. This also affords ...
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Did the power armour from the Fallout 4 intro cinematic exist?

In the intro cinematic for the Fallout 4 video game a real human is shown in a suit of power armour. Did this power armour exist as a real world asset (instead of being a CGI element) and if so is its ...
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Who Invented DRADIS?

As the question implies: in the BSG (Battlestar Galactica) reimagined universe, is it ever mentioned in-universe the background of DRADIS (Direction, RAnge, and DIStance) and who invented it? I’m ...
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Is the wand gripping style up to preference, or does the method of holding the wand serve a specific purpose?

I have recently become interested in the correct way to hold a wizarding wand from Harry Potter. Firstly, is the handiness left or right depending task, and if so, can one be ambidextrous? After ...
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