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Questions tagged [propulsion]

The means of moving a vehicle, such as a spacecraft, through space.

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Does the position of a ship's nacelles affect impulse travel? [closed]

How does impulse work on a Federation ship? Are the impulse engines part of the nacelles?
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What propulsion system are the Reapers using?

In the Mass Effect trilogy, the main races (Humans, Turians, Asari, Quarians) ships use a "traditional rocket type" propulsion: Human ship (Normandy) Asari ship However, Reapers don't seem ...
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Seeking a Pulp Story: Trapped on a moon, beer keg propulsion used to escape

Many moons ago I came across a web page that discussed portrayals of propulsion in sf stories and the science (or lack of it). One story mentioned in passing was about a man trapped on a moon and ...
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Story where (deceased? frozen?) people are used as means of propulsion

I recall a story (or perhaps the memory is from a book?) where a spaceship accelerated by jettisoning human bodies at high speeds. I suppose they did not have any other reaction mass left. I think it ...
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Klingon war ships to Romulan

The Klingons gave the Romulans some older warships with dilithium warp cores. Why do Romulan Warbirds use quantum singularities instead?
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Government investigating home library of missing inventor

This is a short story from the 50s or 60s. A scientist or inventor has invented either teleportation or a space drive and has disappeared - leaving no documentation or clues except his extensive home ...
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Short story where ship propulsion is done by crew walking

Answering the question "What is your favorite SF propulsion concept?" recently on reminded me of a science fiction story I read many many years ago. I can’t recall the name of the writer. ...
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In Event Horizon, how did the Lewis & Clark accelerate?

I remember from the movie that the crew was suspended in a liquid that fills their lungs to protect them from the high acceleration of the ship (I think 20 or 40 g were mentioned?) This made me ...
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What fuel do battlestars use?

It is given that battlestars use some sort of reaction mass to move, as they have glowing blue engines in the back end, unlike the cylon basestars, which are only presumed to move using a form of ...
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How do the Cylon base stars move when not using FTL?

In Battlestar Galactica - The Plan movie, we see Cylon basestars appear around Caprica using FTL and they start positioning themselves for the nuclear attack: How do the Cylon basestars propel ...
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Why are Voyagers warp nacelles foldable? [duplicate]

I'm absolutely fine with the idea, that a certain angle/position of the nacelles is better than others. And hence it's good (for whatever reason - be it energy efficiency or more speed...) to have ...
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What technological means are there to go faster than warp 10? [closed]

I'm wondering what technological means there are in Star Trek to go faster than warp 10. To state the question more precisely: you can use a wormhole, a Q, a Traveller and so on to accomplish the ...
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When and why was impulse drive invented?

In Star Trek, when was impulse drive developed? There seems to be an inconsistency. Zephram Cochrane first deployed Warp drive in 2061 with the assistance of chemical rockets, as detailed in Star Trek:...
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Why was the tender still attached?

Apart from the opportunity for Clara Clayton to have an exciting traversal of the distance between the back of the fuel tender and the engine (Golly!) in Back to the Future III: Was there any reason ...
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How fast can impulse drive propel a ship?

Impulse drive, how fast is it? Throughout star trek we see various ships travelling at fractions of 'Impulse drive'. An impulse is a unit of force and thus converting to speed is difficult. Here are ...
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What is the ‘beam’ in Cherryh’s Heavy Time?

In C. J. Cherryh’s Heavy Time & Hellburner (also published together as Devil to the Belt), there seems to be some sort of propulsion used by in-system ships called a “beam”; it’s controlled by ...
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Are there examples of sub-light propulsion that are not subject to time dilation?

A common theme in space sci-fi are means of moving faster than the speed of light without experiencing the effects of time dilation (to a substantial enough degree, anyways). Such methods often use ...
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