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For questions about Pulp magazines (inexpensive fiction magazines published from 1896 through the 1950s) and the flavor of stories and characters of their stories. Use in conjunction with [story-identification] when trying to identify a story that appeared in a Pulp magazine.

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Short tale from Asimov's Science Fiction - children's psychic abilities tested after mankind is defeated by a race of teleporting aliens [duplicate]

I'm trying to locate a short tale I read sometime ago in an old number of Asimov's Science Fiction. I've trying to find it here and checking old magazines to no avail. The plot went like this: Mankind ...
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80's pulp action paperback with "death-maze" type building, including chute with decision point

Seeking a pulp action paperback that I perused in an American bookstore in the early- to mid-80s, most likely in the same section as the Mack Bolan Executioner books. Not one of the post-apocalyptic ...
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Story identification 50s/60s Pulp SciFi fiction series involving dimensional travel action

I am trying to find the name and author of a series a books I read in my teenage years, bought from second hand bookshops in the mid 1980s. As far as I remember it was a SciFi pulp fiction series of ...
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Doc Savage’s fighting style

What martial arts did Doc Savage use in the novels? He was portrayed as a martial artist for a pulp character created in 1933. What martial arts could he be using and how many he could have known? Did ...
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Is there an archive that summarizes each story of pulp-era magazines, issue by issue?

The pulp magazines published in the 20s, 30s and 40s are a goldmine of stories and ideas that sadly are mostly unavailable to the contemporary readers, since only a handful of those stories have been ...
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Trying to find time travel pulp story about traveller who gives proto-Inca the wheel which allows them to resist Europeans

Trying to find a short story. Probably Astounding or Analog. Guy goes back in time to early South America. Shows locals how to use the wheel. Then tries to go forward in time. Story ends with Incan or ...
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70s (or earlier) pulp Sci Fi book with a Conan-type character and enemies shaped like asparagus

Book was a pulp sci-fi paperback which would have been purchased from a newsstand circa mid 70s. Cover had hero (a Conan-type with a tight, dark haircut) on a horse with 6 legs (I think). Pic was ...
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1970 sci-fi story series about a spaceman looking for the group that modified him [duplicate]

A spaceman was modified by a group that threw him out of the program before the final stage. He was a thief and soldier. He needs metal in his diet. When he is near a fully modified man, he gets a ...
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Seeking Name of Lovecraftian Short Story About Ancient City In The North

I'm trying to remember the name of this story: Some gold panners? are in Alaska? (I remember it was cold, and or the pacific northwest) near a huge hand-shaped mountain, and see an eerie blue light in ...
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Looking for a book, maybe from the 50's, about a secret agent with an atomic car [duplicate]

I read this book in the 80's, but it was pretty old at the time. What I recall: Hero character is a secret agent of some kind. Technology organization ("Q Branch" basically) provides him with some ...
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Pulp-era Sci-fi / Horror story

Looking for the name of a story I read years ago. Astronauts I believe on an alien world, get attacked by alien brain parasites that I think take over their bodies. The parasites sit on the skull.
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People on different time streams

I remember a story about how people stopped moving. They buried them. Then people started disappearing. Turns out, people were moving into different time streams. The people not moving were just ...
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60s pulp book: spies with neck implants melt when captured and turn out to be alien scouts

Written and set around the late 60s/early 70s. Members of "The Agency" (FBI/CIA type organisation) are investigating the origins of spies who have capsules or something implanted in the back of their ...
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Identify a story or novel accelerated men

I am trying to identify a book or series of books, probably 60's or 70's in date. All dealt with "accelerated men" who were faster and smarter, but only under certain conditions. I can't remember more ...
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Monkey Wife story

My father described a short story he read years ago, in an anthology published circa 1978 (or before) and I would like to track it down. He doesn't know the title or author. What he remembers is that ...
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Looking for Author/Pulp-title of Fantasy/Sci-Fi short-story circa 1955

Been searching since early 90’s. Theme: Man dies - consciousness transferred to future where women make Playmen from recycled organs. Read when I was about 15 and it stuck with me. Can only ...
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A group of disabled people are sent to explore a distant planet due to their toughness and ability to survive

It's an old pulp sci-fi novel of my dad's that I read in the 80s that I think came from the late 60s to early 70s. The basic plot was that a hazardous mission to explore a distant planet was crewed ...
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Old short story about ancient Martians stranded on earth

I probably read this short story back in the 1970s. The story is pretty old—maybe any time from 1890 to 1925. I may have read it in a trade-paperback collection of pulp fiction from the dawn of ...
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Seeking name credits for pulp SF artists

I'm trying to identify a few artists whose work appeared in SF pulps currently in the public domain, but whose name credits did not appear in the original issue. I have their signatures but not their ...
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Looking for a short story about a runaway Girl rescued by a wildman on a planet taken over by aliens

I read a book in a library stack that was either a short book or a short story in pulp sci fi compilation book. It starts by telling the reader that the planet was taken over by aliens and now ruled ...
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Looking for a short story about an anonymous candidate running for President

Way back in one of the pulp science fiction magazines (probably If or Galaxy circa 1950-1970 but could have been a more obscure one), there was this short story about someone running for President. ...
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SF Novel which is almost a John Carter of Mars Clone, man taught to swordfight gets taken to Mars on a teleportation experiment

Just to be clear, this novel is not in any way related to Edgar Rice Burroughs or Barsoom. It was clearly a knock-off meant to cash in on the popularity of ERB's books. I remember the following about ...
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