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Also known as Quantum Theory, a branch of Physics that deals with events on the microscopic scale (atomic and sub-atomic). This field is best known for being highly-complex, non-intuitive and difficult to verify experimentally.

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18 votes
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Which story involved computers that used humans to avoid being frozen?

I've been trying to recall which story it was that involved machines or computers that kept humans around in order to avoid being frozen. Briefly, in the story, humans and machines were at war, and as ...
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Story where the main character learns to perceive time out of order from the aliens

I read a story several years ago in which aliens come make first contact with Earth, and a bunch of scientists set to work trying to establish communication with them in various fields. The main ...
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Comics about a quantum labyrinth

I am looking for a comic book I read when I was a child. I read it in my brother's collection of Science et Vie Junior, a French science popularization magazine (or its adult version Science et Vie). ...
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Is the audience laughing at Dr Alexander Murry's presentation?

In the 2018 film adaptation by Jennifer Lee of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, there is a scene where Dr Alexander Murry (henceforth Dr Murry even if his wife is also Dr Murry), played by ...
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