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Questions tagged [quantum-thief]

The first book in a series by Hannu Rajaniemi, focusing on a legendary thief named Jean le Flambeur.

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When did the Virtue interlude in Quantum Thief happen?

While reading the book, I came up with a very rough timeline of how things went down before the main story started. The only thing screwing that timeline up is the Virtue interlude. But let me first ...
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To what degree can "the inadequacy of a binary universe" be seen as a theme in the Quantum Thief trilogy? (Spoiler Warning)

Particularly as relates to the binary choices of the classic Prisoner's Dilemma and the ultimate strategy adopted by the All Defector in the Causal Angel. Mieli creates a new universe that works ...
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Fractal Prince/Quantum Thief - Gevulot

Why was Gevulot put in place? For that matter, why was it only in place on Mars, and not in other parts of that universe described by the author?
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What do we know about the Protocol War?

The Protocol War is referenced many times in the books. So, the question is: I'm interested in answers from any of the books in the series. At the time of this question, these include The Quantum ...
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Idea of paying for things with time

I recently read the Quantum Thief. This book had the idea of the time you live as something that can be used to pay for things. When you run out of "money" you die. I was wondering is this the ...
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