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For questions about the Star Trek character "Quark", a 24th century Ferengi and the eponymous proprietor of Quark's Bar on space station Deep Space 9 (previously known as Terok Nor). Always use in conjunction with the [star-trek] tag and the relevant work tag where appropriate.

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Does Quark know that the "captain" is a member of the Q?

In "Q-Less," Q arrives on Deep Space Nine to try to persuade Vash to continue exploring the universe with him. Early in the episode, Q makes Quark disappear after the latter had the audacity ...
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Why was Quark treated disrespectfully in Deep Space 9 given that he used to be Grand Nagus?

Grand Nagus is the top political leader of the Ferengis. Quark was briefly the Grand Nagus. As such, he should be accorded high respect and good treatment when he operated the bar in DS9. Imagine if ...
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Why does Brunt have it in for Quark?

In his first two appearances, Brunt is the antagonistic representative of the Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA). The first few times we see him: He investigates Quark's mother for doing business & ...
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Is Morn ever shown eating or drinking outside of Quark's?

Besides for special events (Bajoran holidays, etc.), is Morn ever shown eating or drinking outside of Quark's? Say, in the Klingon restaurant, the Replimat, or other places? There's an episode where ...
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How does Quark attract customers to his bar given that the drinks and food can be gotten free from a replicator?

If I can get a good drink free of charge, why should I pay for any drinks? Quark's customers can always get the food and drinks free of charge from the replicator. It is after all a post-scarcity ...
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