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Questions about popular quotes from a work.

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Story with quote about oral sex and eyelashes, possibly Heinlein

Maybe fifteen years ago I read a story in which a character says, of the act of performing oral sex on a woman, that if your eyelashes don’t get wet, you’re doing it wrong—or words to that effect. In ...
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LEDs sing love poems

I'm trying to track down the source of a quote that's been sitting in my memory for years. It's all rotted away now, but there were two parts to it, something like: "We wrote spells, carved them ...
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Where is the quote “received many bounces on the [Internet]” from?

I’ve read a lot of science fiction books in the last two years. I’ve become very interested in a quote I can’t remember where I found: It received many bounces on the [Internet]. (It referred to ...
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What author joked that his writing skill came from a magical amulet

About 10 years ago I read a great quote from a scifi/fantasy writer. Unfortunately I have forgotten both where I read it and who wrote it, but I would like to find it again. The quote was, as far as I ...
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The Magicians Series - a passage about how hard and frustrating studying magic is

There is a passage in The Magicians Series about how hard and frustrating is studying magic. It describes the hard work Quentin puts in the learning magic and staying a lot in the library. I ...
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You know this Ben Grimm/Thing quote?

I watched a Marvel AMV video on YouTube. In one of the Marvel comics, the Thing teams up with a few superheroes to take down a villain. They were maybe the Hulk, Gladiator, and the Silver Surfer. The ...
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