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Question about submarine scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark

When the German U-boat leaves for the island in the ocean we see Indiana Jones on the outside of the deck. Any information if the U-boat traveled on the surface the entire way? If it submerged I would ...
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What, precisely, were Dr. Jones' degrees?

Clearly it would seem that he has a doctorate in ARCHAEOLOGY - but what else? Not Theology, clearly, but Anthropology? History? Surely there's a novel or television episode or simple screen-cap that ...
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Why doesn't Toht talk much?

In Raiders of the Lost Ark he seems to be quiet during the majority of the film. This is the character I am referring to:
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Why did the Americans just lock away the Ark and never study it?

At the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark it is shown that the Ark is in a big army warehouse among thousands of similar looking crates, and it is hinted that this means it will never be opened ever again ...
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Why did they have to take the Ark to the mountain in the island to open it?

In Raiders of the lost Ark Belloq and the German army take the Ark on top of a mountain in an island to perform a ritual to open the Ark and look inside I must have missed something in the movie ...
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How did Indy get to the temple with the golden monkey?

So, I was re-watching Raiders of the Lost Ark last night, and something about the beginning bothered me. When Indy gets in the plane, he's beset upon by a giant snake. He flips out about this, yelling ...
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Did Indiana Jones affect the outcome of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Amy in Big Bang Theory explains to Sheldon that: The Nazis would have followed the same path to their failure with or without Indiana's interference. But is this really the case? It looks as ...
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Was the warehouse at the end of Raiders based on any real-life equivalent?

I'm sure people probably recall the scene I'm talking about, but here's a recap: At the conclusion of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy is assured that the Ark of the Covenant is in a "safe place" where,...
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Why did Indiana Jones want to take the Ark to England?

At one point in the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Indiana Jones needs to transport the Ark of the Covenant out of Egypt and explicitly requests that Sallah find him a plane or boat going to England....
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How did Indiana Jones get the Ark of the Covenant off the island?

At the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Ark is opened and Belloq and the Nazis are destroyed. Is there any explanation about how Jones and Marion Ravenwood get the Ark off the island? The ...
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How did Indy know to not look at the Ark?

My grasp of Scripture is poor, but the only thing I can recall in the Bible along these lines is Uzzah being struck down because he TOUCHED the Ark. How did Indy know that they should close their eyes ...
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