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For questions about the 1992 book "Red Mars" by Kim Stanley Robinson. Always use in conjunction with the [mars-trilogy] tag.

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What is the emotional context of this passage in Robinson's Red Mars (1992)?

Nadia is the expert construction foreperson and is fielding all sorts of questions while the colonists set up Underhill. During one exchange, some other colonists are having trouble getting concrete ...
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What's reason behind the assassination of John Boone in KSR's Red Mars? [duplicate]

No spoilers in the question, given that it's the first thing the book narrates. We know the reasons the guy who did the deed thought he had to do it. But I'm not really convinced about the motives ...
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In Red Mars, why did Frank want to kill John?

I know he was jealous about Maya, but the book implied some political reason that wasn't ever explained, to my recollection.
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Where is the first settlement in Red Mars?

I'm currently reading the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. I'm just in the beginning of the story, they just landed and Nadia just lost her little finger. I'm quite disoriented by the ...
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Is the method of colonizing Mars in Red Mars realistic? [closed]

How realistic is the method of colonizing Mars in Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson? Specifically, the part in the beginning, with a 4 person crew to visit the planet first, sending crews, etc. Really ...