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Red Rising is a dystopian science-fiction young adult to adult novel trilogy written by Pierce Brown.

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Looking for a specific flashback passage

I was re-reading Dark Age by Pierce Brown and was reminded of a scene where Mustang reminisces about her time working for the Sovereign. I looked through both Morning Star and Iron Gold but I couldn’t ...
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Where's Ajax during the first trilogy?

Basically this entire thing is a spoiler for multiple books. So during a reread of Dark Age I noticed that Lysander au Lune seems to go on for quite a while about his relationship with Ajax au ...
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Are the Howlers based off of a specific special ops?

The Howlers are obviously special ops both in and out of the Institute. Extremely loyal, inventive, and slightly crazy, they don't directly resemble any special ops force that I know of. Knowing ...
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Why don't the Golds have carvers augment their children?

In Red Rising the children of the Golds are tested for acceptance into the institute at the age of 17. Presumably many of these children have been preparing for this for a significant part of their ...
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Why doesn't the Sovereign directly ask Darrow about his allegiance?

In the Golden Son, during the game of questions, the Sovereign comes very close to discovering Darrow's identity and his mission. She suspects that he works for Ares, yet never asks the obvious ...
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Why is Darrow's victory in the Passage taken so personally?

After being accepted into the Institute, each of the students are required to battle one another to the death. No mercy is permitted, and only one student may leave the room alive. This is not a new ...
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