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The Redwall series by Brian Jacques features a group of mice living in an Abbey called Redwall.

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Why does Martin's position in his tapestry change over time?

In the Abbey of Redwall there is a tapestry that depicts Martin The Warrior of Redwall vanquishing the Abbey's enemies. Over the course of the series Martin's image seems to shift position. I believe ...
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Suggested order for the Redwall series?

What is the most correct order in which to read Brian Jacques's series of Redwall books? I read most or all of them when I was younger, but would like to know how to order them in case I ever return ...
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Who or what do the members of the Abbey worship?

In the Redwall book series, a lot of the action takes place in the Abbey. This, and the fact that the some characters are referred to as "Brother," "Friar" and "Abbot" would imply that it's a ...
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Is there a full map of the Redwall world?

Is there any map which fully covers the world of Redwall? Each book seems to only have a small chunk of it. (And they don't always seem to match up.)
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Are there humans in the world of Redwall?

Throughout the three Redwall books that i have read, (Redwall, Mattimeo, and Mossflower) there are only animals, such as mice, moles, foxes, etc. Is there any mention of humans in any of the books?
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Are the Redwall creatures their natural real-world size?

One thing that always confused me about the books was the question of scale. You have everything from shrews to badgers living together, working together, fighting together. Are these animals the same ...
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What is the origin of milk in Redwall books?

In the Redwall books written by Brian Jacques, where do the creatures get milk from? All of the characters are small creatures ranging from shrews and mice to otters, badgers, and wildcats. Nothing ...
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