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Questions tagged [reference]

For when a science fiction or fantasy property references another work.

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Where does this sailor beside Bender come from?

In school we were interpreting a painting from Slovak artist Erik Šille called Wave (Vlna). He used a lot of pop-culture references, but we didn't recognize this little sailor. Is he from a cartoon or ...
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Is the X-Men '97 opening sequence showing Gambit and Nightcrawler (dual-wielding swords) fighting enemies a reference to a pre-existing X-Men story?

In the opening sequence of X-Men '97, Season 1, Episode 5, "Remember It", there's a brief clip of Gambit and Nightcrawler (dual-wielding swords) fighting foes wearing green helmets with ...
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Has Marvel ever referenced the song "Catch Me Now I'm Falling?"

"Catch Me Now I'm Falling," by the Kinks is written from the perspective of Captain America. I remember, when you were down And you needed a helping hand I ...
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Is this scene from Kiki's delivery service reference to Superman?

At the end of the movie Kiki's delivery service there is a scene where reporter shouts: "Is it a bird? No, no it is a girl. A witch!" At least it is this way in English subtitles on Netflix. That ...
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Is Star Wars: The High Republic character Lourna Dee a reference to novel/character Lorna Doone?

I have just recently finished reading the first Star Wars novel set in the new High Republic, Light of the Jedi. One of the villainous female characters is named Lourna Dee, which sounds a lot like ...
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Is the superhero X-23's name a shout out to an Asimov story?

I was reading Isaac Asimov's story “The Last Question” for the upteenth time, but this time I noticed something: the planet the family of colonists are going to is called X-23. Well, maybe it's just a ...
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