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Questions tagged [religion]

For questions about the use of religion in a work of speculative fiction, whether the religion is a real-world one or a fictional one. Always use in conjunction with the specific work tag the question is asking about.

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How does religion work in Zootopia?

Throughout Zootopia, there are quite a few references to religion. A few examples: Fru Fru: Oh my god, did you see those leopard print jeggings? Nick Wilde: No, it's true. I think I was eight ...
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Fantasy series from the 80s or nineties

I am trying to remember a series of books, about three I believe, I read at least 20 years ago about a magic school / monastery. A series of magical attacks take place, where the blame is placed on a ...
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Is there a source for the story of the Nephilim in "All Souls"?

In the X-Files Episode "All Souls" (S5 E17), Fr. McHugh tells Scully the story of the Nephilim. In his version, there were four Nephilim, children of a Seraph1 and a human woman, who were not "meant ...
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Analog '90s? staff on abandoned alien space station infected with religion meme

I've been looking for this story for a long time. I believe it was published in Analog Science Fiction in the 1990's. In the story, an abandoned alien space station has been discovered at another ...
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Short story regarding accidental creation of a messiah by the actions of a survey team

I’m looking for (name/author) of a short story I read some time ago. The theme is a space survey team ( a couple) arriving on a unexplored world. The prime directive for these survey teams are to NOT ...
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Was Herbert Influenced by Eric Frank Russell for the Buddhislamic faith?

I have occasionally wondered whether Frank Herbert might have been influenced by Eric Frank Russell. In The Great Explosion, reference is made to followers of a crank named Kassim who tried to ...
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Are there any Christian characters in LOST who aren't Catholic?

Because, in fiction, Christianity is Catholic (TV Tropes Warning!), the vast majority of LOST characters who are Christian, are nominally Christian or used to be Christian are or were Catholic. ...
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Novel series about space colonization and religion by (Star Wars EU author?)

Trying to identify this series I never finished. I'm almost positive it was written by one of the more famous Star Wars EU authors, but I could be wrong about that as I can't find it when looking ...
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Are Emily and Corvo members of the Abbey of the Everyman?

In Dishonored and Dishonored 2, the Abbey of the Everyman’s Overseers are a really powerful anti-Outsider, almost militant, group that is shown to like to murder people for such small things as having ...
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