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Short story about driving remotely operated vehicles on moon. A Student(?) drives one to rescue shuttle crash victim

Man has established bases on the Moon. A lot of work is done with remotely operated vehicles (R.O.V.s) exploring, mining, hauling, and transportation. (Like buses or taxis. I'm not sure about this one....
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Story-id: mining town with re-animated and remote controlled dead people used as robot-labor

This is short story (maybe short novella) I read in a short-story collection in the mid to late 80's. Back then I was in my teens and I found the whole concept really creepy. It left an impression on ...
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How is Remote Control connected to Ginen?

According to this answer to a previous question, the novella Remote Control is connected to Zarah the Windseeker and other books by Nnedi Okorafor that touch on the world of Ginen. However, having ...
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What is the meaning of the ending of "Remote Control"?

Near the end of the novella "Remote Control", Sankofa looks out over the shea tree farm and sees that: She then thinks to herself about the possibility that the biotechnology firm LifeGen ...
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Why did Sankofa struggle with the leopard?

In the novella Remote Control, by Nnedi Okorafor, the protagonist has the ability to emit a green radiation that is lethal to living creatures. Her power is considerable: she can kill everyone within ...
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