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For questions about the "Revelation Space" universe by Alastair Reynolds, encompassing "Revelation Space", "Chasm City", "Redemption Ark" and "Absolution Gap" as well as "The Prefect" and several short stories involving conjoiners, inhibitors, pigs, a child called Sky and the melding plague.

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Revelation Space question about "Nostalgia for Infinity" - what is their purpose?

So I'm reading this and wondering... are these guys on some kind of mission... are they a clan or workers for some company? Are they a family? I don't understand their purpose/motivation. I know they ...
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In "Pushing Ice" we find out that humanity is extinct. How did that happen? Was it the machines from Revelation Space?

How did Humanity go extinct in the Revelation Space Universe? Was it the Black Cube Machines?
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What does "reefer" signify in Reynolds' books?

In Alastair Reynolds' "Revelation Space" universe there is no faster than light travel, and so to travel interstellar distances people are put in a form of suspended animation called "...
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Why did the Nest-builders want to prevent the Shadows from entering our universe?

In Alastair Reynold's Absolution Gap mankind is ultimately saved by the Nest-builder race. The Nest-builders cooperated once asked, yet were unwilling to offer support before. Dan Sylveste sends the ...
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Why the convoluted plan to access Haldora in Absolution Gap?

I read the Revelation Space novels, plus Chasm City, several years ago. One of the major plot points of the final book Absolution Gap has never really made sense to me. As best I can recall, and ...
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Kinetic Energy Weapons in Revelation Space [closed]

In Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space, the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity used a kinetic energy weapon to destroy the northern pole of a planet There was -- where previously there had been ...
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The relationship between Hell Class and hypometric (and Homunculus) weapons in Alastair Reynolds's novels

In Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space series of books, there is a cache of mysterious weapons called "Cache Weapons" or "Hell Class weapons". They work in different ways, but they all seem to have ...
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Hypometric Weapons in the Revelation Space Universe

The hypometric weapon shows up in Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space series. Its effect is to delete all matter in some sphere, aimed by the operator. The name "hypometric" is tantalizing, ...
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Suggested reading order of Revelation Space

I'm new here. I am going to start reading the Revelation Space books. Can someone please suggest me a reading order of the books? I'd like to know the characters before the main trilogy, but if some ...
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Revelation Space - Why does Khouri have a fragment of spacecraft shrapnel in her?

In Revelation Space, when Khouri is brought on board the Nostalgia for Infinity, Volyova removes pieces of shrapnel that are embedded in her body from her soldiering days. One of those pieces turns ...
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Revelation Space - Why didn't the ship get trashed when Volyova put it into reverse?

In Revelation Space, Volyova puts the Nostalgia For Infinity into reverse at 10 g acceleration. This saves her life because she's falling down an elevator shaft at the time. It also kills Nagorny who ...
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What caused the Melding Plague in Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space universe?

I'm looking for information on the origins/causes of the Melding Plague. Is the specific cause in the books (and I just missed it) ? Is there any other information from Reynolds (interviews, short-...
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Glitter Band to Rust Belt - When?

So I got into Alastair Reynolds. A while ago, I stumbled over Redemption Ark, found the blurb on the back interesting, and bought it. After reading it, I went back and bought Pushing Ice, too. After ...
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