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Questions tagged [riddick-2013]

For questions about the 2013 live action film "Riddick" starring Vin Diesel as the titular character. It's part of the Riddick franchise, and should also be tagged as such.

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The meaning of the ending of "Riddick" (2013) [duplicate]

At the very end of the movie Riddick (2013), Riddick asks the question: And gets the following answer: I don't understand the meaning of the end at all. How should I interpret this answer and the ...
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Why did Riddick save the pup?

Just before Riddick took on and out the water monsters, he finds a pup almost dead. He builds a cage for it and nurses it back to health. What I don't understand is why he saved the the pup. Please ...
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I am having trouble keeping up with the Johns(es)

I recently watched Riddick and I enjoyed the film and it felt like it was trying to be more like Pitch Black. Not really a spoiler but there were some references to the earlier film namely that ...
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What did Santana say to Riddick?

When Riddick was about to be slain Santana says something to him in Spanish. What did he say? FYI I purchased the movie from the PlayStation store and it does not have subtitles.
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How does Riddick sense the change in the weather means trouble?

In the movie Riddick, Riddick spent several months understanding environment and new life forms on a planet where he was left off. He used his vision to distinguish bad water from good one. Later, ...
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