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For questions about all works set in the Chronicles of Riddick Franchise, include live action films such as Pitch Black, animated films such as Dark Fury, and video games.

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The meaning of the ending of "Riddick" (2013) [duplicate]

At the very end of the movie Riddick (2013), Riddick asks the question: And gets the following answer: I don't understand the meaning of the end at all. How should I interpret this answer and the ...
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Why did Riddick save the pup?

Just before Riddick took on and out the water monsters, he finds a pup almost dead. He builds a cage for it and nurses it back to health. What I don't understand is why he saved the the pup. Please ...
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What is Riddick's middle name?

In Pitch Black and its sequels (Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick), Riddick is introduced as "Richard B. Riddick". What does the "B" stand for?
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Did Riddick make the trip to the Underverse

It states in Riddick Wiki, Lord Marshal that each one is to make the trip to the Threshold, In the next section it states that Zhylaw "The Last" finds an artifact, but it does not imply that this ...
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How did Riddick get Eyeshine?

I can't find anywhere that states how Riddick gets Eyeshine. It can't be a species trait of beings from Furia as the purifier in the necromongers does not have it. How does Riddick get Eyeshine?
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I am having trouble keeping up with the Johns(es)

I recently watched Riddick and I enjoyed the film and it felt like it was trying to be more like Pitch Black. Not really a spoiler but there were some references to the earlier film namely that ...
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What did Santana say to Riddick?

When Riddick was about to be slain Santana says something to him in Spanish. What did he say? FYI I purchased the movie from the PlayStation store and it does not have subtitles.
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Is there a difference in the story between Convert and Fight

I have the Chronicles of Riddick on DVD and when the DVD starts i see this when i choose convert there is a short animation of Riddick in Necropolis when the Lord Marshal is going to have Riddick'...
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Proof that 40K inspirations in Chronicles of Riddick are intentional?

Is there any kind of direct mention anywhere, (like in an interview or something) or at least strong indirect evidence, that the striking similarities between aspects of The Chronicles of Riddick and ...
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The money in the prison in Chronicles of Riddick

Who gave the prison guards the money to pay for Riddick when he is delivered to them?
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Why did the Purifier commit suicide?

In the final Crematoria scene of The Chronicles of Riddick, The Purifier reveals to Riddick that However, it seems to me that no explanation is given as to why he committed suicide. Even if he could ...
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How does Riddick sense the change in the weather means trouble?

In the movie Riddick, Riddick spent several months understanding environment and new life forms on a planet where he was left off. He used his vision to distinguish bad water from good one. Later, ...
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What was the origin of the night creatures in the Riddick universe [duplicate]

In the movie Pitch Black, the space vessel transporting Riddick and 40 other passengers crashes on a desolate planet after presumably being damaged by meteors. On that planet, there is permanent ...
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Were the aliens from Pitch Black a bio-weapon?

A species reacting so badly to sunlight seems unlikely to have evolved on a planet with continual sunlight. Furthermore, the planet seems to have had large animals at one point in the past, but has ...
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What does the term "breeder" mean in The Chronicles of Riddick?

In The Chronicles of Riddick, both Vaako and his wife Dame Vaako refer to Riddick as a "breeder". Is this a race they are presuming he is a member of? I say "presuming" because later on What does the ...
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Are there any other works featuring Riddick?

I particularly enjoyed the Riddick movies. Do you know any more works featuring the hero, or at the very least in that particular universe?
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