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Ringworld is an award winning Science Fiction book by Larry Niven and also a ring-shaped structure encircling and orbiting a star at a safe distance, described in that book.

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Did the "Lying Bastard" create the Fist of God?

Did Louis Wu's General Products' #2 hull equiped spacecraft, the "Lying Bastard", create the Fist of God mountain on Ringworld?
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What is the "Kzinti Lesson" from Larry Niven's Ringworld?

I am re-reading Ringworld now, and I came across this term; does anyone know where I can find the origin in Niven's canon of work?
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Recommended order of Ringworld novels

Larry Niven's novel Ringworld is, according to wikipedia, "followed by three sequels, and preceded by four prequels". 1) Is it a good idea to read all of them (or is there another Star Warsgate ...
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How much did Larry Niven's Ringworld inspire the Halo game franchise?

I have heard that the First Person Shooter Halo game franchise was inspired by Larry Niven's Ringworld. How Ringworldy is it? Is there more to the connection between Niven's classic Ringworld and the ...
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Instability of Niven's ringworld

I've read that the ringworld's design is actually unstable, and that it would drift and eventually collide with the star it was supposed to orbit. How is this flaw corrected in the subsequent stories?
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Why are there Kzinti on Ringworld?

Maybe I've missed it in my marathon readthrough of the Ringworld series, but I can't understand what the Kzinti are doing on the Ringworld. The Protectors went to enormous lengths to make the breeders ...
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How close was the Puppeteer's homeworld to the Ringworld?

Specifically, I'm curious about 2 key points in time. When the Ringworld was first explored by Louis Wu (Ie, the book Ringworld) During the Fringe War (Ringworld's Children) And if you want a bonus ...
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