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For questions about Robert Silverberg, an American SF writer, who's won multiple Nebula and Hugo awards. Do not use for questions about his works, use the specific work tag instead.

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Do the Kollidorians of "One-Way Journey" possess psychic powers?

Do the Kollidorians of Silverberg's "One-Way Journey" possess psychic powers? Looking at this translated summary of "One-Way Journey", it says that of a Kollidorian woman, "...
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Which guilds are there in "Nightwings" by Robert Silverberg, and what are their purposes?

I really liked reading Nightwings, especially for the world created there. I liked the idea of inherent guild membership due to past modifications, etc. I would like to take my RPG or LARP players ...
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Looking for Robert Silverberg short story on enemies

The gist of the story is about us vs. them in every imaginable context. It ends with those who take their own lives as their own enemy. The story would have been written no later than the mid 70s as ...
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Short Story - Robert Silverberg. The Story is about a solitary Pilot or Engineer of a pilgrim or colonization ship and his spiritual stowaway

I recall reading this story in the early 2000's in an old (90's) Silverberg anthology. The spiritual stowaway, a young girl desperate to escape her boring life in this story has somehow stolen the ...
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Robert Silverberg story - Human woman with alien lover

Story was read approx 15 years ago, but I feel it was older. Maybe Seventies or Eighties. Short story in paperback. 99% sure it was by Robert Silverberg. Human woman falls in love with snake-like/...
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What happened to the Book of Skulls movie?

In the mid-2000s, while browsing at a book store, I came across a reprint of Robert Silverberg's novel The Book of Skulls. Having read the book about a decade earlier, it caught my eye that the new ...
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Names of the gods in Silverberg's "At Winter's End"?

In Robert Silverberg's 1988 novel "At Winter's End", humans have gone extinct after a comet impact and hundreds of thousands of years later, the recovered Earth is repopulated by humanlike creatures ...
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Name of R. Silverberg SF Short Story

I'm looking for the name of a Silverberg short story that had a woman (U.S. President, I think) making a speech upon return from a disastrous space mission. Her husband kept interrupting her.
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Looking for Robert Silverberg story about the dead being returned to life

What is the name of an old Robert Silverberg story where there are colonies of people who have died, who don't interact well with the living. A curious journalist tries to get answers by infiltrating, ...
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Degree of collaboration between Asimov and Silverberg on Nightfall novel?

Is there any reliable information as to the depth of Isaac Asimov's involvement in writing the novel Nightfall (based on Asimov's 1941 short story) with Robert Silverberg? Were Asimov and Silverberg ...
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