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Robin is the name of several fictional characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, originally created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, as a junior counterpart to DC Comics superhero Batman. Always use in conjunction with the [dc] tag and any relevant work tag.

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Batman comic where Hugo Strange trains new Robins

I have a slight hunch this is an Elseworlds story. From what I can vaguely remember, Hugo Strange is Batman. He hires boys and girls to be Robins. I think this a slightly older comic maybe around ...
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What's up with non-superpowered leaders of a superpowered team? [closed]

Note: I'm using examples from ATLA/TLOK and DC Comics. Harley Quinn in the Harley Quinn series is a non-superpowered leader of a superpowered team. In ATLA/TLOK, Zaheer pre-airbending was apparently ...
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Has there ever been a "Robin Signal" in the style of the Bat Signal?

We are familiar with the Bat Signal, a searchlight with a bat template, projecting a bat onto the clouds to summon Batman. Has Robin (or anyone!) ever been honoured with their own signal? Specifically ...
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Did the five Robins ever meet each other in the comics?

I saw on Google that Batman has had five different Robins in the comics, who had all left for their own reasons. Have they ever met each other in the comics? I don't mean just manage to catch a ...
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Who is the medium sized Robin?

The image below is from New 52 Batman #15. I am wondering who the medium sized "Robin" (circled in yellow) is. He is probably not called Robin, but you get the point, red and black color theme, young ...
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Female companion to Robin in his independent book, was pursuing vengeance. Drugged Robin for a fight

I am pretty certain this happened in the first solo book. Robin teamed up with a female crime fighter (I don't remember her costume except I think she did have a mask and short hair, and it was sort ...
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How does Teen Titans fit in with the Young Justice continuity?

Specifically, I am curious about Dick Grayson, as he's the Robin in both shows. The interesting part is thus: Cyborg and Raven from the Teen Titans are both founding members of The Justice League, and ...
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What was the origin of the name "Robin" in the English version of Batman - Dark Victory?

I've recently read Batman - Dark Victory, which I own in a translated version in my native tongue. In the second book there's a particular moment where Batman talks with Dick about why he chose Robin ...
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New 52: Is it common knowledge that Nightwing was Robin?

In what passes for the current DC Comics continuity, is there any indication of how widespread the knowledge is of Nightwing being a former Robin?
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Did Harley Quinn kill Robin?

Did Harley Quinn kill Robin, was she just an accomplice, or was she uninvolved completely?
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What Batman story mentioned Batman and Bat Boy?

The story was from a comic that must have been from the early to middle 1960's and it looked at the question why Robin was not called Bat Boy. It seems that Batman had a previous side-kick before ...
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How many different individuals have been Robin?

After seeing the new Justice League vs Teen Titans I googled Damian to see when he was born and who his mother is. In the Wiki article I remember reading that Damien is the 5th Robin, but I thought ...
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Where is this Batman meme picture from? [duplicate]

I've seen many memes employing this scene of Batman slapping Robin: Where is this taken from?
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What was the origin of the meme where Batman slaps Robin?

I have seen the meme of Batman slapping Robin so many times. I really want to know the origin of it. When did it occur in the comics, and why did he even slap him? Note: Spoilers are welcome.
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What evidence confirms or denies the existence of Robin's utility belt?

Batman's utility belt is a vital component of the crime fighters gear. It would seem to make sense that both of the Caped Crusaders would utilize such a useful addition to their costumes. What canon ...
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How did Robin fasten his strapless mask to his face, and how did he remove it?

Superheroes are able to fight and do any number of highly physical activities while keeping their strapless masks on and their identities secret. This would lead me to believe they use an adhesive of ...
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In which Batman comic does Robin touch a mirror to discover himself?

Batman is in trouble from the Joker, and a large yellow beast. Robin, just a boy at the time, touches a liquid mirror (like in the matrix when Neo touches one), becoming an adult-ish Robin, no longer ...
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Who was "Sister Ninja"?

In early issues of Robin (the Tim Drake ongoing) there was this character: Who was it? What was the storyline here? Screen grab taken from the "Benedictions" storyline from Showcase '95 #5-6, Robin #...
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