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Questions tagged [sanctuary]

For questions about "Sanctuary", a TV series that aired from 2008-2011, about a group who protect dangerous creatures known as Abnormals.

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3 votes
2 answers

Why was Ashley Magnus written out of Sanctuary?

In Season 1 of Sanctuary, one of the main characters was Helen Magnus' daughter Ashley Magnus. But early in Season 2, she was written out and Kate Freelander was introduced, seemingly as a replacement....
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What would happen if Helen Magnus gave a normal human a blood transfusion?

Is there any grounds for an educated guess as to what would happen if Helen Magnus (or any of the core group: Tesla, Holmes, etc.) were to give a normal human like myself a blood transfusion? Would ...
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Where is Helen Magnus' sanctuary located?

Anyone know in what rough area the primary sanctuary location - Helen's sanctuary - is located? I know they've always kept it somewhat vague and not really said specifically. But the destroyed bridge, ...
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Does the Big Guy have a name?

In the TV series Sanctuary, he's pretty much always called "the big guy" or "biggie" by everyone else, and as far as I know "Bigfoot" is one of the names for his species - not his name. Has he ever ...
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Why is Helen Magnus' Father Still Alive?

In Sanctuary, Helen Magnus appears to have stopped aging, even in the first few years of the series (to say nothing of what happened in Season 4). But then her Father shows up and is in several ...
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