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A fictional creature native to the planet Arrakis in the Dune universe. Always use in conjunction with the [dune] tag.

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How did the sandworms and sandtrout appear on Arrakis?

Were they native species? My impression was that Arrakis was turned into Dune fairly recently, geologically/paleontologically speaking.
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How do the Dune sandworms move?

The sandworms of Dune are huge and powerful. But how exactly do they move beneath all that sand? They don't necessarily skim above the surface as they apparently only raise smallish (relative to their ...
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How did Fremen produce and carry enough thumpers to use Sandworms as de facto Ubers?

In Dune, Fremen travel regularly on the backs of enormous Sandworms (variously "Shai Hulud" or "the Maker"). They summon them through the use of a device called a "thumper" (presumably Frank Herbert ...
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What does the word "thumper" mean when used to measure distance?

There are several places in Dune where the word "Thumper" is used as a measure of distance: On the north polar map of Dune, there's an arrow pointing to the left with the caption: 20 Thumpers to ...
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