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For questions about sarlaccs, a carnivorous species from "Star Wars"

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Who cares if it takes 1,000 years for Sarlacc to digest you? [duplicate]

C-3P0 informs Luke et al before they are thrown into the pit of Sarlacc that: "In its belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a…thousand years."...
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How does a sarlacc gain any energy if it keeps victims alive for a thousand years?

When eaten by a sarlacc, according to C-3PO, In his belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering, as you are slowly digested over a thousand years. I imagine that keeping a victim ...
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Is the Sarlacc monster dead?

In the god-awful Disney canon novel Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt, we learn that the creature in the Sarlacc Pit was badly wounded in the battle between our heroes and Jabba's forces. The ...
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How Does A Sarlacc Eat?

Ok so I was looking through questions and came across one about how to escape from a Sarlacc. In it the questioner says that it takes 1000 years for them to digest their food, which I knew, but he ...
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