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Used for questions on the science fiction genre itself, including its tropes and conventions. Should **not** be used to categorize questions about specific works of science fiction.

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Is there a precedent for the use of "sol" or other terms for solar day?

In these two questions in Space Exploration Stackexchange the origin and use of the word "sol" to describe a solar day on astronomical bodies besides the Earth are being discussed. Like so many things ...
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First story to describe cannibalism in a futuristic society?

What is the first sci-fi story (if any) to describe how cannibalism would look in a futuristic society?
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When was hydroponics utilized for the first time in a sci-fi movie or a sci-fi TV show?

In the realms of sci-fi (movie or TV) with extra-terrestrial environments, from the perspective of life support, technological systems are present in order to allow human beings to survive and ...
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Which Sci-Fi work introduced the idea of "Little aliens = Hyper intelligence"?

I have encountered it countless times, but I have two clear examples in my mind at this time: 1. Grey Matter from Ben 10 From Ben 10 Wikia Grey Matter's small size belies his great calculative and ...
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Which Sci-Fi work first showed an exoskeleton capable of flying?

Flying exoskeletons are famous tropes in science fiction. Some examples on the top of my mind: Ironman Star Wars (Boba Fett) Centurians Which Sci-Fi work first showed an exoskeleton capable of ...
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