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The SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing website with its own fictional backstory, that of the fictional SCP Foundation, a foundation to “secure, contain, and protect” evidence of paranormal events. This tag is for questions about the website itself or for stories set in its fictional universe.

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Can anyone identify the source of SCP-008-B?

I came across a Youtube video called SCP-008-B "Crystal Plague". It's a reading of an SCP that is similar to but not exactly like the "Zombie Plague" SCP-008. Unlike the SCP-008 ...
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What's the SCP about "Does the Black Moon Howl?" and the meaning of certain responses?

What's the SCP about "Does the Black Moon Howl?" and the meaning of certain responses? I think it was a doctor of some kind diagnosing something? It's not SCP-4002, since that just ...
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How did SCP-3848 affect human morality?

I was reading the SCP Foundation wiki as well as TVTropes and read about the interesting story of the ED-K-Class Lethe Scenario: a scenario where a memetic phenomenon called scp-3848 causes people to ...
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Can SCP-096 track down and kill anyone who has seen its face?

In the "file" of SCP-096, it states that after a person views its face (this person becoming SCP-096-1) "no known material or method can impede SCP-096's progress". Does this mean ...
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What were the intended targets of SCP-631?

SCP-631 is a parasitic organism, apparently created as a weapon to hunt down someone's enemies. We know that those enemies were intended to be isolated targets sleeping outside at night, but the work ...
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What are Scranton Reality Anchors? How do they work?

Multiple SCPs (most notably SCP-2000 and now SCP-3001) make use of something called a Scranton Reality Anchor. However, I have (as of yet) been unable to find any information regarding the SRA other ...
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How does SCP-173 generate feces?

SCP-173 is meant to be made of concrete, but what's strange is that it creates blood and feces. How would something like that generate blood and feces? I know it can move when not looked at, so does ...
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SCP involving a grounded cargo ship

I remember reading an SCP from a while ago that I wanted to look at again, but I can't seem to find it. Here's what I remember: Euclid class A cargo ship that has run aground Mobile Task Forces ...
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Looking for dystopian sci fi/horror web story set during a war (religious, possibly), where one side has giant flying alien 'angels' helping them

I'm not sure if anyone can help me out, but I'm trying to remember a sci fi story I read online a couple of years ago. I can't remember where I found it (I thought it was from reading comments on an ...
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Is SCP-173 just as vulnerable as normal concrete, or less?

SCP-173 is a construct that appears to be made of concrete, and doesn't move if it is being looked at (reminiscent of Weeping Angels). Here's an image for those who don't want to sleep: My question ...
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