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Questions tagged [scrooge-mcduck]

For questions about the character Scrooge McDuck or the works where he us the titular character. If the question includes the character but is not asking about him use a more appropriate work tag instead.

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5 votes
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Comic in which Scrooge McDuck sells all his alarm-systems and defends himself using ammonia and a flashlight

This might sound strange but I'm looking for a comic in the Duck universe where Scrooge McDuck sells all his weapons and alarm-systems to other billionaires, in order to save money (duh), and ...
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Early Uncle Scrooge 1950's

Cover featured Uncle Scrooge diving to swimming pool fill with gold. I'm trying to buy one to fill in the childhood.
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6 votes
1 answer

McDuck Frankenstein Movie

I'm trying to identify a Disney movie that involves Donald Duck or the Scrooge McDuck family of characters. They rent a castle, and end up awakening Frankenstein. There's also a story involving a blob ...
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7 votes
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Why does Donald Duck say this strange line on page three of Don Rosa's "The Dream of a Lifetime", part two (2002)?

On page three, panel four (first panel of second row), in the second part of The Dream of a Lifetime, English original, Donald shouts toward Bombie the Zombie, but addressing Scrooge: HALP! HE'S ...
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40 votes
4 answers

Is Scrooge McDuck immortal?

In Season 3: Episode 18 (How Santa Stole Christmas) of the rebooted Duck Tales, Webby joins McDuck to help Santa Claus deliver his gifts. When Scrooge is delivering the last gift, Webby says to Santa: ...
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Why did Don Rosa show Scrooge being so greedy and heartless just before striking it rich?

In "The King of the Klondike" (1993), chapter 8/12 of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", there is half a page which frankly disturbs me, and it has bothered me since I first ...
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18 votes
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Why did Scrooge accept the $10,000 deal for the Anaconda Copper Mine in Don Rosa's 1993 comic "The Raider of the Copper Hill"?

In the comic, Scrooge discovers that, due to a weird law, he legally owns a big copper ore mining operation just as the price of copper skyrockets. The "owners" say that Scrooge knows that ...
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