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This tag is for questions specifically concerning the secret identity of a superhero, or their decision not to maintain a secret identity.

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What utility does Superman derive from his secret identity?

Why does he need Clark Kent? What if he just wanted to be a reporter or columnist? I am sure he could get a job – I mean as Superman. I can see initially when he left the family farm he wanted a ...
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Has either Batman's or Superman's identity been accidentally revealed by someone in the comics?

In the recent animated movie Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1, Selina Kyle accidentally calls Batman Bruce, and thereby revealing his identity to Alberto Falcone (this is obviously different from the ...
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Is Matt Murdock's Daredevil persona still public knowledge in the comics?

This is in the comic continuity, not the TV show, but at one point, Matt Murdock was outed as Daredevil. I know he turned down an invitation to the Avengers because of it, recommending Ronin to serve ...
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Has Bruce Wayne ever dated a woman who did NOT find out he was Batman?

A common joke I've seen online is that Bruce Wayne can't seem to date a woman without her either A) dying or B) eventually finding out he's Batman. I know of several cases where he entered a semi-...
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How does the *in-universe* Marvel Comics handle sensitive information like secret identities?

I know that Marvel Comics, the company, exists within the Marvel universe, and that they publish authorized biographical comics about the "real" superheroes that live in that universe. But the comics ...
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How did Spider-Man regain his secret identity after Civil War?

Spider-Man from Marvel comics reveals his secret identity in public during the events of Civil War. He is not the only one who did it; other examples are Iron Man, Wonder Man and Captain Marvel (Miss ...
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Who was the first Hero to reveal his secret Identity to the public?

It is a common trope in superhero comics that the hero keeps his identity mostly secret to protect their friends and family. In newer media many heroes don't keep a secret identity (for example Tony ...
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How can keeping one's secret identity from a friend or beloved actually help protecting her or him?

In the contemporary Flash and Arrow series as well as in other superhero series, for example the DC bronze age comic books which I grew up with, the superheroes keep their secret identities from ...
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Why have most Superhero movies ditched the "Secret Identity"?

When I say "most", I primarily mean the Marvel Avenger series. Out of all of them, even Ant-Man pretty much up and exposed himself, revealing his true identity to anyone he looked at. One of the few ...
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How many people know Batman's identity? [duplicate]

In Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy,how many people in total actually know that Bruce Wayne is Batman?
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What Marvel Superhero or Supervillain Has the Most Secret Identity?

Secret identities are an important plot point in many-a-comics, and it's usually a big deal when a superhero's secret identity risks exposure. However, many superheroes reveal their identity to ...
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How many people know Flash's secret identity?

So many people know Flash's "Secret Identity" in this new TV show, that I must confess I have lost the count. Below is a small list, far from complete: Can anyone provide a complete list?
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Why does The Punisher not disguise himself?

Unlike most super heroes, the police and the general public do not approve of The Punisher due to the fact that he kills his enemies. So my question is, why does he make himself so easily identifiable?...
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Why doesn't anyone run a DNA test on Batman's blood?

So I was watching The Dark Knight Returns again and after his fight with Joker I noticed he was dripping blood eveeeeeerywhere. Why hasn't anyone ever collected a sample and tried to find out who he ...
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Has Bruce Wayne ever impersonated Nightwing?

In most Batman media at one point in time or another a situation arises where both Batman and Bruce Wayne need to be seen together. While this has been accomplished by both Alfred and Superman, in ...
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Which individual Superhero role has been portrayed by the highest number of individuals?

In a single fantasy universe, which Superhero character has had the most individuals portray themselves as being(secretly temporally substituting for) the Superhero, or have actually taken over the ...
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