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Questions tagged [secret-invasion]

For questions regarding the 2023 Marvel Cinematic Universe television series Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] and [marvel-cinematic-universe] tags.

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When was this MCU character replaced by a Skrull operative? [closed]

In Secret Invasion we learn that a major MCU character, was replaced by a Skrull operative. But when did this happen? In the season finale the character is freed from captivity along with the other ...
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What's the composition of the Harvest?

In the Secret Invasion TV series, We see that Gravik is after the mystery item called Harvest.
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What are the different powers used in Secret Invasion finale?

In the Secret Invasion TV series finale What are the superheroes and villains whose power is shown as being used in the finale?
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What is the significance of Sonya's discovery?

At the end of Secret Invasion (2023), there's a brief scene in which Sonya leads G'iah into a room containing Nothing is explained about what these machines are, only that, in Sonya's words, This is ...
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How do the Skrulls have access to Cull Obsidian's DNA?

In Secret Invasion episode 2, we see These samples included several notable names, such as It's plausible to think that through all of Groot's adventures on Earth (Infinity War, Endgame, and The ...
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Can Skrulls replicate memory?

In Secret Invasion episode 3, "Betrayed", three Skrulls use their power of mimicry to take over the roles of 3 sailors who are being deployed. The Skrulls’ power seems to give them the ...
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