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Secret Wars, published in 1985, is a Marvel Comics miniseries that holds the record of earliest company-wide crossover in comics. In it, a group of superheroes and supervillains are teleported to an unknown planet and forced to fight each other by a mysterious, seemingly omnipotent being called the Beyonder. Not to be confused with the other miniseries by the same name published in the 2010s.

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Why did Magneto invade the heroes' base in Secret Wars?

In Marvel's Secret Wars miniseries (1985), issue #2, Magneto sneaks into the heroes' base and flies to the generator, thinking: There it is -- ! The power core which energizes this entire ...
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Is there a translation for the alien language used on Battleworld?

In Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4 (Aug, 1984) characters from an undetermined alien planet are introduced, and recur through the remaining issues. A portion of their world had been used to ...
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Why was Zsaji not given the knowledge of English?

In Marvel's Secret Wars, the Beyonder had taken care that all the 'fighters' would have an environment suitable for them, meaning, Zsaji the Healer had been put there by him. However, we understand ...
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Did Molecule Man really recreate the universe in Secret Wars (1984/1985)?

I was recently rereading the original '80s Secret Wars comic on Marvel Unlimited, along with all (or most of) the other comics that were going on at the time. It's quite clear that, for the people ...
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In what comic does Prof X say, "If we do that we'll be no better than Hitler, Stalin, or Doctor Doom"?

It's from a scene in a comic from the late 70s to mid-80s. Probably from Secret Wars (1985), but I may be wrong. A few heroes are talking, and a difficult choice is being debated. Professor X says, "...
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