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A 2015 television series in which a group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world's order.

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2 answers

What language do Sense8 speak within their cluster?

It was not clear to me while watching. Do the characters speak English with each other, or does each one simply speaks his/her own language and the others understand? It is confusing also to ...
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Did Will Gorski have to be drugged almost 24/7 to keep whispers from finding his location?

When Sensates visit each other, they can really only feel/hear/see what the person they are visiting is experiencing. The whole debacle with keeping Will unconscious was so whispers wouldn't be able ...
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Why did Lito not take his compromising photos after beating up?

In Sense8, we have the episode, What is Human?, where we see Lito (well, with some help) beat up Joaquin. What I cannot fathom is that I would have tied up Joaquin and taken his phone and destroyed it ...
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How long does the blockers effect last?

Sensates can use "blockers" (pills) to prevent other sensates from reaching them. I wonder how long the effect approximately lasts, is it one hour, one day, more ? Do they mention it in the show ? ( ...
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Why did Whispers try to lobotomize Nomi instead of meeting her?

In the TV series Sense 8, we learn from Jonas and Will's conversation that any sensate outside the cluster needs to make eye contact with a person to be able to talk to him/her the way sensates inside ...
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Do all Sensates need to be birthed?

In the series premiere of Sense8, Angelica "births" a Sensate Cluster. Until that point in time, none of the members of the cluster had any knowledge of each others existence, nor had any of them had ...
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What is BPO's and Mr. Whispers' motivation?

I just finished watching the first season of Sense 8, and one major part of the plot just didn't add up for me: The motivation of the antagonists (BPO and Mr. Whispers). Spoilers Ahead:
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Why did the Sensates need to be "awoken" to sense each-other?

In the show Sense8, an event in the 1st episode triggers each of the 8 characters to begin sensing each-other. However in later episodes it is explained that At the point of the show they are in ...
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Is Eye Contact Required to Create a Connection?

In Sense8 we see that as a cluster becomes accustomed to the others, communication is fast, easy, and generally reliable. We also see that those outside of the cluster (Jonas, Whispers, the Icelandic ...
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Do the people in a cluster communicate at a speed faster than light?

This can be seen when any of them are talking with each other or especially when they are embracing each other. Does that mean that the communication is happening instantly, therefore faster than the ...
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