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The follow-up to a literary or cinematographic work.

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A girl discovers she has fairy blood, becomes a fairy then a mermaid

It basically has a girl who comes across fairies and figures out she has fairy blood too. When her parents figure it out, they host a little party for the fairies and their girl who's going to be a ...
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Did Eric Morecambe have plans for a third book in the "Reluctant Vampire" series?

Thanks to, I reconnected with a hard-to-find, well-loved book from my childhood. Did Eric Morecambe have any plans for a third book in his The Reluctant ...
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Are there any Forbidden Planet storyline derivatives?

The sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet from 1956 was exceptional. The special effects team were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects at the 29th Academy Awards. The sound track was the ...
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According to Disney, where during "Beauty and the Beast" do the sequels take place?

A common complaint about the Beauty and the Beast sequels (Belle's Magical World and The Enchanted Christmas) is that they mess with the continuity of the film. According to Disney, when during the ...
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Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel?

Is Marvel going to make another movie that follows what happens after Spider-Man: Homecoming.
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Did Larry Gonick intend a companion book to Kokopelli & Co. In Attack of the Smart Pies?

Kokopelli & Co. In Attack of the Smart Pies is a book, set in the world of Kokonino County. Larry Gonick was the author of the comic strip that ran in the Muse magazine by Cricket, which is set in ...
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Was there an intended sequel to "Amelia, the Monkey, and the Magic Bag"?

I enjoyed reading Amelia, the Monkey, and the Magic Bag - it was an enjoyable read. I was wondering if the author had ever planned to write a sequel. I cannot find anything online about a sequel, yet ...
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Will there be a sequel to "The Last Magician" by Lisa Maxwell?

I just finished reading "The Last Magician" by Lisa Maxwell and I was wondering if there has been any announcement regarding a sequel. Not only did the book end at a cliff hanger, but it seemed like ...
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Why couldn't Kai just come back again?

In Kung Fu Panda 3, the character of Kai Upon arriving there, Kai shouts something like "No, not here again!?!" as if he were trapped there. My question is, couldn't he simply
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Does the Flash Gordon Film continue in any media after the "The End ?"

At the end of the Flash Gordon Flim we see the ring that Ming the Merciless was wearing get picked up by an unknown hand and the EPIC words "The End ?" First is this story continued in any media? ...
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Unauthorized sequels to the Narnia books? [closed]

By "unauthorized" I mean "not by C. S. Lewis." For example, Neil Gaiman wrote a (lovely in my opinion) short story titled "The Problem of Susan," collected in his fragile things short story and poems ...
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Is there any discussion of a Back to the Future sequel or remake?

I ask this because it was The highest grossing film of 1985, Back to the Future launched one of the most successful franchises in Universal's history, including two theatrical sequels, an animated ...
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Does the fantasy genre garner more sequels and series? If so, why?

Trilogies seem to be prevalent in fantasy, but there are a disproportionate amount of sequels in general it seems. Why is this? The ratios described in the link, and below are (roughly) 1:8 for ...
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Plans for more sequels to Star Wars?

Does George Lucas have any plans for more Star Wars sequels or prequels? Proper movie sequels, not any supplementary animated shows or stories.
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Has the author ever indicated if there was to be a sequel to Freedom™?

Has Daniel Suarez ever indicated for there to a sequel to 's Freedom™? What open issues are left to solve or explore?
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