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For questions about "Seven of Nine", a member of the USS Voyager crew in the series "Star Trek: Voyager". She was a Borg drone but later removed from the Borg to serve with the Voyager crew. Use this tag for questions about the character, not those that merely mention her. Use this with the [star-trek] tag, and the [star-trek-voyager] tag.

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Why was Seven of Nine upset at Borg drones being ejected into space, when they can survive in a vacuum?

In Star Trek Picard season one Borg drones are ejected into space. Seven of Nine seems upset at this. But what's the big deal, as Star Trek First Contact has shown that Borg drones can survive in ...
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Why did the last episode of "Star Trek: Picard" hint that Seven of Nine is a lesbian when she was married to Chakotay at the end of "Voyager"?

In the closing moments of the last episode of Star Trek: Picard, the show hinted that Seven of Nine was interested in a lesbian relationship with the other woman on the ship. But in the last episode ...
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Why did the Zhat Vash fleet not kill the jettisoned drones in outer space?

Why did the Zhat Vash fleet not kill the jettisoned drones in outer space? We know from First Contact that drones can even work in outer space without a space suit. We know from the Voyager episode "...
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How does Picard recognize Seven of Nine?

In season 1, episode 4 of Star Trek: Picard, Seven of Nine shows up, and Picard immediately recognizes her, by name. How? As far as I know, they've never met before, or at least we certainly haven't ...
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Why Does Seven of Nine use her Borg designation?

A large part of Seven of Nine's story arc is her attempt to become human again. Why then, do they continue to refer to her as Seven of Nine? At some point they learn her real name, Annika Hansen. ...
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Was it really just coincidence that Seven wound up on Voyager?

Seven of Nine's relationship with the Voyager crew began when she was selected to "speak for the Borg" during Voyager's temporary alliance with the Borg against Species 8472. The Borg have assimilated ...
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Why doesn't Seven of Nine wear a Starfleet uniform?

After Seven of Nine is de-borg-ified and joins the Voyager crew she wears a skin-tight catsuit, seemingly 24 hours a day. I have always just assumed the reason she didn't get a Starfleet uniform was ...
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Was Seven on her way to becoming a Borg Queen?

I had a thought that Seven of Nine might have been set to become a Borg Queen. She's the only female Borg Drone I can think of, she is clearly more comfortable with being autonomous, has a ...
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Why does Seven of Nine pronounce "Futile" differently than Locutus?

Before Seven of Nine was freed from the Borg collective by the Voyager crew, she was designated to speak on behalf of the Collective. Of course, she said the famous Borg phrase "Resistance is Futile". ...
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Did Seven of Nine always know about the Borg Queen?

Did Seven of Nine always know there was a Borg Queen? She never mentioned it before, but in Dark Frontier when she was confronted by the Queen she didn't seem surprised at all.
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How was Seven of Nine the seventh of nine people to be assimilated?

As a girl, Annika Hansen was assimilated into the Collective, along with her parents, and named Seven of Nine. Who were the other six people who were assimilated along with them?
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Did 7 of 9 ever hear from or meet up with Axum again after the Episode "Unimatrix Zero?"

JANEWAY: Well, Unimatrix Zero may be gone but it looks like the resistance is alive and kicking. With any luck, the Collective may never be the same. SEVEN: Korok said he would try to ...
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Is Annika Hansen/Seven of Nine German?

Roddenberrys Star Trek always had the message that all human differences of the past are history. Now after Chekov, Sulu, Worf, Chakotay and Bashir (ain't he intended to be somehow Arabian?) is with ...
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Why did Seven of Nine become human so aggressively?

The Voyager episode The Gift is, for all intents and purposes, the story of how Seven became human. Multiple times in the first 10-15 minutes the Doctor comments on how aggressively her human half is ...
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What does "Seven" and "Nine" mean in "Seven of Nine"?

She is one of a gajillions of Borg drones. What exactly does "Seven of Nine" means as far as drone identifications? Shouldn't she have some GUID instead?
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Was Seven (of Nine) really 24 years old?

In Star Trek Voyager the character Seven of Nine is supposed to 24 years old when "liberated" from the Borg by Janeway et al. She was assimilated by the Borg in 2356 at age six, along with her ...
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Why didn't Seven of Nine assimilate the Voyager crew when she was separated from the collective?

In the episode Scorpion: Part II Seven of Nine is separated from the collective when Chakotay uses a temporary neural link to sabotage the console she is using, permanently destroying her neural link. ...
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