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For questions about "Seveneves", a science fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson and published on May 19, 2015. The novel details the plight of the entire human race as it tries to survive the catastrophic destruction of the Moon.

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How does the cloud ark expect to have a sustainable society without recycling human remains?

In act two of Seveneves it is suggested that dead bodies are jettisoned into space. I don’t understand how you can expect to have a sustainable society in space if you throw away anything. Thinking ...
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Is the word "vitamin" meaning "any item shippable to space" a creation of Neal Stephenson in Seveneves?

As the title states. Stephenson uses (and describes the use of) the word "vitamin" to mean any goods that can be shipped to space. Is that actual space lingo?
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In Seveneves, what happens to this mission?

In Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, a breakaway group launches a Mars mission. A preliminary mission is sent but is it ever revealed what happened to it?
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In Seveneves, who are the Owners?

Ty mentions "the Owners" several times. They seem to be neither Red nor Blue and furthermore are hinted to have links to "the Purpose", but is it clarified anywhere who they are?
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How do the Diggers know so much about Spacers?

In the third act of Seveneves, the Spacers encounter the Diggers. The Diggers have been pushing farther into the open, but have made no face-to-face contact with the Spacers before now. Yet, when ...
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Consumable resources in Seveneves [spoilers]

I haven't yet fully read the third part of the book, but I had a hard time to suspend my disbelief when it comes to resources - given the story is sold as hard sci-fi. They land on the Cleft with ...
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Why did the Diggers choose to remain hidden?

I just finished Seveneves and either I missed it or it wasn't addressed... The leaders of the Diggers choose to push the "traitorous cowards" rhetoric and arouse hostility among their people towards ...
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Are the United Nations ever mentioned in Seveneves?

Are the United Nations ever mentioned or do they have any role in Neal Stephenson's Seveneves? The United Nations secretary is absent at the Crater Lake announcement.
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Ongoing racial purity in Seveneves

Spoilers for third section of Seveneves: Moira is able to synthesize a Y chromosome to create boys for the second generation of infants on the Cradle. And yet, there is no explanation of what ...
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Did Neal Stephenson make up the nickname for the ISS in Seveneves?

In the book Seveneves, early on it's mentioned that, unmongst the inhabitants of the International Space Station it is colloquially known as 'Izzy'. This nickname then persists throughout the rest of ...
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Chain of events in second act of "Seveneves"

[The title of this questions is deliberately vague to avoid spoiling the plot] In the second act of Seveneves, hilarity ensues because However, this could have been avoided if which was justified ...
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