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A television show in 2016 airing on MTV and directed by Jon Favreau. The events in the series follow the events in the book "The Elfstones of Shannara"

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Where did Will end up in the last episode?

In the second season (and afaik, series) finale, Will is thought to have sacrificed his life to undo the warlock lord's corruption of the world- but near the end, when the elfstones glow in Mareth's ...
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What are the powers of a Druid?

In The Shannara Chronicles there are druids who possess magical powers. Allanon was the main druid in the TV series. What are the magical powers of a Druid?
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Why did the Warlock Lord have the face of Allanon?

In The Shannara Chronicles the Warlock Lord had the same face as Allanon. He was also a druid. So why did he have the same face as Allanon? Was he related in any way to Allanon, like the teacher or ...
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Who are the rulers of the different lands in "The Shannara Chronicles"?

In The Shannara Chronicles (TV series) the four lands have been mentioned. It is never clearly mentioned that who are the rulers of those lands. Who are the rulers of those four lands in the TV ...
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How different is the Shannara chronicles tv show from the book?

I have just finished watching Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles. Does the story vary much between book and series? I understand plot lines will have been cut but is the overarching story the same?
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Where do the Elves in the Shannara Chronicles come from?

I have just finished watching the Shannara Chronicles TV series and in the title sequence it shows that Trolls and Gnomes are descended from Humans. However Elves are not on the family tree anywhere. ...
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Why were these creatures the allies to the Elves in the MTV adaptation of The Shannara Chronicles?

In the recent TV series The Shannara Chronicles, season one is a loose adaptation of The Elfstones of Shannara. In that series, Yet in the book, So is there recorded anywhere by MTV or Terry Brooks ...
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Where did the magic come from in the Shannara series?

I've just started watching the Shannara Chronicles, and I read the first few books years ago, so I remember bits but I was hoping someone could help me out. I remember that the Four Lands are ...
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Ruins of famous landmarks in Shannara

In the previews for the show "The Chronicles of Shannara", they often show things like a moss covered Space Needle on it's side, and a large cargo ship. When I last read the books, I don't remember ...
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Is the world of Shannara set in our future?

So, I recently saw the Shannara Chronicles trailer, and several points in it got me thinking. 1.) We see what looks to be the Space Needle from Seattle lying ...
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