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A singularity is a point in spacetime (gravitational singularity) at which the gravitational field becomes infinite. This point of apparent infinite density is hidden within the event horizon of a black hole. The Singularity (technological singularity) can also refer to a hypothesized event when the rate of technological change exceeds the ability of human society to adapt to and even document it.

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Story identification: A novella about a computer that becomes sentient and can control everything in the universe except the human mind [duplicate]

There is a computer that is being built with the ability to manipulate space using (wormholes)? Right as the computer is becoming sentient, it's creator realizes what is happening and puts in a rule ...
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How did Miles O'Brien time travel?

In DS9 "Visionary" O'Brien time travels 5 hours into the future because of a quantum singularity in a cloaked Warbird orbiting DS9. I just watched the episode and am really confused. Here's the ...
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Homeless woman uploaded into computer

I vaguely remember an SF novel from the 1980's or early 90's about a poor, maybe homeless, Black woman who gets uploaded into a computer as an experiment. I think the title was the woman's name (?). ...
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Story about time traveler who comes back to download peoples consciousness before they die

Help. I recall reading a GREAT Sci-Fi story sometime in the late 70's or early 80's and can't recall the title. In the book a man's consciousness is sent back in time and downloaded into the body of ...
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Post apocalyptic world, with apocalypse being the singularity

I was talking with someone a while back about sci-fi and they mentioned a story in a post-apocalyptic setting, only instead of the apocalypse being zombies or robot-overlords or nuclear war or alien ...
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