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The Sith Order was a sect of Force-sensitives who used the dark side of the Force. In the Star Wars films, the Sith are the primary antagonists, in opposition to the Jedi Order (Episodes I, II and III) and the Alliance to Restore the Republic (Episodes IV, V and VI). Use this tag only for questions that relate directly to the Sith Order or the Sith religion in general not for those that simply mention them. Always use with the [star-wars] tag.

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Where is this source for Kinetite powers?

If you check the Kinetite page on Wookieepedia, it states that Sith masters used this power to flatten ferrocrete bunkers. Where is the canon source that states that?
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Star Wars-inspired online 'game' focused on the Sith

I'm looking for the name of an unofficial website where you could role play (best way I can put it) as a Sith - while I'm not sure if the website outwardly labelled them Sith, or if there was ever any ...
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How Do Jedi/Sith Stay In Shape?

Do Jedi/Sith use gyms or observe exercise regimens? Are there any examples in-universe (Legends or Canon) of common exercise being performed by either sect/group? Yes we know they tend to run and be ...
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Difference between Sith and practices of Kylo and Snoke?

Supposedly Snoke and Kylo are not Sith this being so that the prophecy of Anakin Skywalker ending the Sith could be maintained while still allowing the sequel trilogy to happen. But what are the ...
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Mustafar Sith Holocron

Talking about the Mustafar Sith Holocron... we know only a fragment of the data: ...was going according to plans until yesterday. The weakling Jedi has some sort of secret weapon and I can feel ...
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Could Darth Vader Control the Empire

With Darth Vader's famous line "join me, and together we can defeat the Emperor". Even if he did end up defeating the Emperor, could he control the Empire? Does he have enough political power? or ...
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