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Polish sci-fi novel written by Stanislaw Lem in 1961, adapted three times into movies over the decades since. Scientists at a remote research station probing an enigmatic sentient planet find themselves being examined in turn as the alien mind creates human copies from their most painful memories.

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Why do the humans in Solaris keep trying to hide the "visitors"?

In the novel Solaris, there are 8 main entities on the space station Solaris: 3 living humans (Kris, Snow, Sartorius), 1 dead human, and 4 visitors. At around the middle of chapter 6, it has become ...
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Is the Higgs mechanism used in "Solaris" for the screen and how does Lem generate mass?

The movie Solaris pictures an intelligence in the vast dimensions of a star. Solaris has the capability of making people appear out of the void and feeds upon memories. George Clooney plays a guy who ...
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What happened to the first Hari put in a escape capsule by Kris in Solaris?

I've read the new direct translation to English of Lem's Solaris. In the book Snaut is trying to reason with Kris about the futility of his relationship and threatens recalling the #1 Hari that Kris ...
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Who were the "visitors" in Solaris?

In the different versions of Solaris (book and three movies), the eponymous sentient ocean planet creates simulacra of persons who were important to the cosmonauts on the space station in orbit. The ...
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