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A 2011 science fiction film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, an Army pilot and part of a scientific experiment that allows him to experience eight minutes of the life of another person's life shortly before their death, he is enlisted in a mission to gather intelligence on terrorists.

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Is Source Code full of paradoxes?

Either I have not understood this film or it is full of paradoxes. The Source Code allows its user to experience the last eight minutes of another compatible person's life within an alternative ...
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After the past is altered in Source Code movie what would happen if Sean Fentress possessed by Colter Stevens Dies?

Colter Stevens takes over the body of Sean Fentress for every 8 minutes. Every time Sean Fentress (possessed by Colter Stevens) dies, he wakes up in the program, but he is able to change the past by ...
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What happened to the original Sean Fentress in Source Code?

In Source Code (major spoiler ahead):
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