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A large inhabited space craft used as a base, not for travel.

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Many years ago, (45 years or more) I read a book about a tin can shaped space station

Novel years ago, tin can shaped space station, different levels were color coded to indicate the different "gravity" on that floor. They built the station by building a space wheel, then another, ...
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Young Cylander stows away to visit Earth

This is a novella or novel I read in the 90s. The main character was a teen who had spent his life on a large orbital space station. The station was known as Cyland (not sure about the spelling) ...
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the tornado bomb

I once read a children's short story about a couple kids who visit a space station with their dad. While there, the station weather forcaster notices a tornado has formed, and is heading straight for ...
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First story having both the bad guys and the good guys avoiding using weapons in a space craft or space station that would puncture hull?

It seems like this comes up a lot: despite the bad guys having murderous intent, there is at least a tacit agreement not to use projectile weapons or anything else that would make a hole in the ship's ...
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Novel with inexperienced soldiers in orbit

All I remember of it is a scene where experienced Earth soldiers in spacesuits who are, however, not experienced in space combat are trying to assault a rotating space station. They jump off from one ...
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What is the name of the trilogy in which an A.I. Space Station goes renegade?

I read the first (of what was supposed to be a trilogy) in which an A.I. was built on a space station so that they could shut it down it in case it went out of control. Of course, it cannot be ...
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Does the Federation administer any non-Federation space stations other than Deep Space Nine?

One of the interesting plot points in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was that the titular space station was administered by the Federation but was otherwise not a Federation facility (built by the ...
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Information about space station design in the Alliance-Union universe?

I am trying to locate information on the space stations in C.J. Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe. I know that each space station is made to the same blueprint so they are all similar in size/design. ...
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Ender's Game movie Battle School dimensions and floor plan?

Do a floorplan, dimensions, rotation rates, max population, docking specs etc. exist for the Battle School space station in the 2013 movie version of Ender's Game? I've found a few deductions based ...
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Why does the Chief Engineer of DS9 have an office on the promenade?

In the list of establishments on the Terrok DS9 promenade we find the "Chief Engineer's Office" at 01-409. Why would the station's Chief Engineer have an office on the promenade? Does he ...
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