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Use this tag for the speculative portrayal of space travel, or its use in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genre.

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Looking for the name of story where space travel was done by body sharing. Some people would make a living by renting their body to a traveler

I remember this story where it followed an alien in a society where long distance space travel was done by transferring your mind to another body on a distant planet. There were people who made a ...
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Boy goes on a space mission with a human-like dog partner and encounters a lizard planet

This book was part of a series. It was aimed towards children or young adults. Nothing violent or gory. My assumption is that it was written somewhere around 2010 as it is not an old book. It's ...
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Why do (Federation) starships need Bussard collectors in front of their warp nacelles?

Ever since Zephram Cochrane's first human-built warp-capable vessel, the Phoenix, Human ships with warp drives have had Bussard collectors placed in front of their warp nacelles. Why are the Bussard ...
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A sun on the edge of our solar system takes an outlying crew to alternate versions of our solar system

Years ago, maybe '80s-'90s, I read what I remember as a short story. It was about an Earth crew stationed on a planet near the edge of our solar system. A sun appeared at the edge of our solar system, ...
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Science fiction book or series with a character called a Vail or Vale, a tracker who hunts the main character through space

Looking for a book, or series of books, that had a character called a Vail or Vale that was basically a tracker and would kill the people tracked. When the person tracked was killed, the Vail started ...
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Alien Nanotech Builds Space Travel Portal

There was a series of books that I read part of back in the 1980s in trade paperback form published in the US. It was newly published then I think. It featured an alien race that had perfected ...
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Starship crewman from separate space community falls for outsider

An anthology short story read in 1970-80s. In the far future passengers travel on long journeys between human colonies in large spaceships crewed by hereditary crew members. Because of the length of ...
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What was the earliest reference to turnover maneuvers for constant-boost spaceships?

Turnover maneuver -- it's how you avoid a period of microgravity ("zero-gee" or "weightlessness") near the middle of a constant boost brachistochrone journey in your impossible ...
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