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A magical effect or influence induced by an incantation or formula. Spells appear often in Fantasy literature and RPGs usually employed by Merlin-esque wizards. Use alongside the work tag if asking about spells in a specific work or a more appropriate tag if applicable. Do not use if the question simply mentions spells but is not about them.

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Children's fantasy book about a girl traveling to another world

I’ve been searching for this children’s book for literally over 25 years. I was probably about 10 years old when I visited the Orem Library (Utah) 1993 ish. I include the place on the off chance it ...
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Why did Expelliarmus not knock the prophecy out of Harry's hand?

Neville used the disarming charm on Harry in the Department of Mysteries. Harry launched himself across the floor and grabbed the Death Eater around the knees, causing him to topple and his aim to go ...
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What colour are the rings of Raggadorr?

Seven rings has Raggador Indigo to Deepest Black, but Oshtur grant me something more the Crimson bands of Cyttorak What colour are the remaining five rings?
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