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Questions tagged [star-trek-insignias]

Refers to the insignias for the various races and spacefaring organizations in the Star Trek universe e.g. the Starfleet insignia and the Klingon Empire insignia. Use this tag with the [star-trek] tag.

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45 votes
8 answers

What does the Starfleet insignia represent?

A consistent part of the Starfleet uniforms in the Star Trek shows and movies has been some version of this insignia: I originally thought this was a stylized letter "A", but that doesn't really make ...
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Are the Star Trek Next Generation rank pips based on anything from real life?

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the rank of Starfleet officers is denoted by the “pips” on their collar. An Ensign has one, a Commander three, a Captain four, and Admirals have three pips in a box ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Who did Khan get his Starfleet insignia from?

In The Wrath of Khan, Khan wears a broken Starfleet insignia around his neck: At some point, I convinced myself that he snatched it from one of the Reliant crew members, given that its style was ...
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Why do Lieutenant Torres and Lieutenant Carey have different pips?

Going through and watching Voyager again, I'm noticing a difference in pips for the officers of similar ranks. For instance, Torres and Carey are both lieutenants, yet they have different pips. At ...
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Did the Borg collective have an insignia?

In some Star Trek games and other expanded-universe material, the Borg paired with the insignia seen in TNG's "Descent" episodes. However, were those Borg actually part of the collective proper, or ...
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What (if any) is the symbolism of the Bajoran emblem?

I've been watching DS9 a lot lately and I've noticed that the Bajorans use the Emblem of the Bajoran People extremely regularly. Aside from being a common design for jewelry and insignia, they're used ...
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12 votes
6 answers

Why does Chakotay wear apparent lieutenant commander's insignia?

To the best of my knowledge, everything in the Star Trek: Voyager canon points to Chakotay holding the provisional rank of (full) Commander. However, his collar rank insignia display two full bars and ...
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Identify this Star Trek badge with gamma-like symbol

I have looked and looked on Google images, eBay, Amazon, Star Trek shop, Memory Alpha... There are no references whatsoever to this badge design yet I obtained this commercially available example 20+ ...
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3 answers

What is the difference in Admiral Pike's Rank insignia and Capt Kirk's in Star Trek Into Darkness

If you look at Admiral Pike's rank insignia in Star Trek Into Darkness, and then look at Captain Kirk's insignia, they look pretty much the same. I am not able to really tell the difference. Both of ...
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When did the Starfleet insignia change from the TMP version to the TNG version?

In The Motion Pictures, we see the insignia used by Starfleet is based on the TOS version with the star-shape in the middle, but as at TNG, we change to a more simplified insignia which loses the star ...
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What are the measurements of rank pips as worn in Star Trek The Next Generation?

I've been unable to find exact measurements for the pip rank insignia worn in The Next Generation. I'm in need of the diameter and height. Is there also an exact colour for them too?
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