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Questions tagged [star-trek-into-darkness]

The 2013 sequel to the J.J. Abrams directed 2009 "Star Trek" film and the 12th movie based on the franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. Use this with the [star-trek] tag.

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Star Trek Into Darkness, Nibiran Sacred Scroll?

Considering the volcano rescue scene, and the reaction of the Nibiran to the repossession of their sacred scroll, and then their reaction upon seeing the USS Enterprise rise out of the sea, namely: ...
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What made the Starfleet Academy ring (of power) into a bomb?

Early in the film, we see Thomas Harewood drop the said ring into a glass of water which reacts violenty and creates a massive explosion. What made the ring into a bomb? This post on reddit includes ...
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Who designed/created latex outfits in Star Trek Into Darkness

I was wondering who created the latex outfits in the Star Trek into Darkness. Does anyone know?
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